Friday, December 23, 2016

This Christmas

Irwin & Julie

Irwin hadn't left Julie's side since Thanksgiving. Funny, how something so surreal at Thanksgiving, turned into something genuine between them.

"Maybe, it would have happened..sooner or later." Gordy assured him. There had been no talk of Irwin's past with Tiffany. Irwin felt as if maybe fate had taken care of him, after all. Suddenly, he was with Julie.

Irwin was afraid to think how it came about. But it did feel like the natural course of  life. And Irwin was happy.

Perhaps, it would be just the two of them for Christmas. It was that way for so many, these days.

They'd hung Christmas lights in her livingroom, decorated the tree. Julie had her brother over for dinner. Yes, life couldn't be sweeter. It was amazing to be in her company. The cooking, even the cleaning. It filled him with happiness. And he loved to watch her smile.

This was definitely going to be the perfect Christmas. Irwin hadn't even planned on it.

And then Tiffany's mother called. Irwin was hoping Julie would get out of it. Couldn't she have her brother over? Why did they have to go there?

Irwin wasn't sure he could sit through another holiday meal with those people.

"Oh, its going to be fine." Julie smiled as if it would all be all right, if he was there with her.

"Right." He couldn't tell her, she was wrong. Just like wanting to find the perfect Christmas gift for her. He really wanted this to be a Christmas where he proposed, but he did get the feeling she wasn't ready for that kind of thing.

Yet, this was no time to start second guessing himself. It was enough to be with Julie. That had to be enough. Still, he felt he was wishing on a star, hoping this Christmas started a better future, for both of them.

This Christmas

It was so crowded to be out for the holidays. Corina thought they would wait for an eternity in the cold, before getting on the ice rink. They'd met up with Holly and Dustin. Truly, she thought they were the best couple she knew. Dustin was always so endearing to Holly, yet he wasn't clingy. They interacted, so well together.

Jamie and Effy argued quietly like an old married couple, but Effy usually got her way. Corina didn't want to be that sort.

Funny, she was starting to think maybe she and Joey were a couple, but she did have Will at work reminding her that Joey was only a friend.

"He's your rebound guy." Will informed her.

Even now, she rolled her eyes..thinking what Will had said at the cookie exchange (naturally, he devoured his cookies before he ever got home with them). What would a high schooler like Will, even know about relationships?

Now, she was stuck with Howie, who she found a little goofy, but he was an excellent listener, and he'd bought her hot chocolate before and after the skating.

Still, she thought of Joey, wondering what he was doing. Did he even care where she was? She was starting to doubt him. All the while, Howie's smile was so calming. His hands so warm. Yes, everything about him was definitely, inviting.  After all, Howie wanted to be with her.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Corina shouldn't be listening to Will so closely. :/


Launna said...

Julie and Irwin are so cute... I hope it is a wonderful Christmas for Irwin like he wishes...

Gingi Freeman said...

Awwwww, cute post!! -