Wednesday, January 4, 2017

getting on with the new year

getting on with the new year

Holly could hardly believe it. Freddie was with Keith now.

"When did that happen?" It was such a shock. Last she knew, which was way before Thanksgiving, maybe it was September, Freddie and California were going to be one big happy family.

"Before Christmas." Freddie sounded as if it hadn't been that long ago. "I went home with Keith at Christmas, we met his mom." Actually, she'd moved in with him and his mom.

Holly squinted, thinking she would never ever want to live with the parents.

"But what about California?" Didn't Freddie love California?

"She went to Germany." Freddie was very straight lipped.

"What for?" Holly was all the more confused.

"You know, she was only going to the Uni to be an Army officer, remember?" Freddie informed her.

"Oh." Holly still wasn't sure she knew what was really up. She turned her head, thinking she should get more coffee, but there was that guy, her roommate Corina went out with.

Of course, Holly told Corina, Howie was gay when she first saw him. Holly still believed it. Although, she reminded really didn't matter. Naturally, she introduced Howie to Freddie. Somehow, Holly needed to remind her friend that she was gay too and their really was no reason to have that frightful Keith in her life.

She didn't mean to snarl her nose up in disapproval. It would be wrong to tell Freddie how much she hated the father of her baby.

Someone, like good natured Howie would be so much better.

Holly did her best not to be rude. Maybe she'd buy them all coffee, and they could sit around and chat a bit.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Holly is showing quite the manipulative side of her personality. :/


Launna said...

Holly just needs to be open and honest...