Friday, January 6, 2017

How and why?

How & Why

Howie felt as if he was wasting his time, sitting and talking with these two girls who lived with Corina..who hadn't answered his text. Of course, he left a message on her voice mail. Still no contact with Corina since last year.

What was he going to do?

He could think about how much money he spent on her, but that didn't really matter. It wasn't like he was expecting an instant romance. Still, he was hoping she least text.

Howie even went down to his phone carrier to make sure his phone was working. Of course, it was. There had been no major electrical fires to put out towers. Everyone around him were busy with their phones, and he couldn't even get a call from his grandma.

2017 didn't look all that much different from the past year.

"What did I do..that was so wrong?" He found himself asking Freddie, after Holly left.

"First off, try not to be so discourage." Freddie even put her slender hand on top of his. He almost jumped for joy. It wasn't often, anyone was ever this close to him. "If Corina's the crush that got away. So what. You, just get out there, and find yourself someone to talk, too."

Howie tried to smile, but he didn't feel up to it.

"My boyfriend's in a band." Freddie then told him. "You'll have to come."

Crowds really bothered Howie, but he told her. maybe he would. Freddie pulled out a flyer with the list of all the places WHY was playing.

Howie looked it over as Freddie was leaving. He kept looking at the name of the band. Why would they call themselves WHY? He laid the paper down on the table.

"Oh, have you listened to this band?' A dark haired girl asked as she picked up the paper. Howie looked down at her torn fishnet stockings and her clunky black boots.

"Not..yet." He could barely say.

"They're pretty good." She told him that she worked for their recording studio. "We're having a CD party this weekend. You, should come." Her smile was quick.

Howie nodded. Maybe he should.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

These may be the start of a beautiful friendship. or something more. :)


Launna said...

This sounds promising for Howie xox