Sunday, January 8, 2017

spur of the moment

spur of the moment

Yuki was such a guessing game.

Maybe Effy had second thoughts... of breaking down that night, talking nonstop to Jamie about her old boyfriend.

She was certain he never really liked her, and she'd loved him so much. It was a bitter reminder how she was with relationships. Totally, one sided.

Jamie was so different. He was so attentive, but then to jump in getting a place together. Was it too soon?

There was that factor that his mother didn't like her.

"What if she finds out?" She never wanted to come between Jamie and his mother, but she already had.

"Its fine. It'll be fine." He kept telling her as they rushed out to find a place. It was the corner apartment in a place that was not bigger than a hotel room. Except, there was a tiny kitchen and a dressing-room to share.

It wasn't long until her mother called..since Effy hadn't called at Christmas. Effy felt she was caught up in a very strange vortex. It was all so overwhelming. Of course, her mom lived in London.

Effy did her best to tell her mom what she wanted to know, but she left out Jamie.

"What about your brother? How's your brother?" Her mother wanted to know.

"Oh, he's fine." But she hadn't done a thing with him at Christmas. As soon as she got off the phone with her mom she called Smed.

"What are you doing?" He put her off, as usual. "We were only going to text."

"Mom called."

"Mom? Where is she?" He sounded as if he was afraid she was here.

"She's in London. But, but I forgot to call her at Christmas." A part of her didn't want Smed to know what she was up too, but she'd always been honest with him. "Jamie and I found a place."

"How did you do that?" He reminded her that took credit.

"I dunno. We just did." She couldn't even tell him how much the rent would be. "But if mom calls, don't tell her anything."

He only sighed and asked where this place might be. He was coming over to check it out.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish she wouldn't have put him in such a place of secrecy. :/


Launna said...

I am glad Smed it going to keep his eye on Effy xox