Monday, January 2, 2017

time keeps on slipping into the future

time keeps on slipping into the future

Macy was really trying to make things work with her Mom. But she still wasn't sure it was the right thing to do.

"Did you two get in a fight?" Draco's hands clung to her shoulders as he looked down at her. Naturally, his forehead leaned into hers. Perhaps, it was a little too chummy, just like her mother presumed, but she didn't care.

She sighed. He was so close, she really thought they would kiss. But..not yet.

Lily called from the kitchen. She had flour all over her. She was making pizza dough from a mix. However, she got out the flour, too.

Draco sighed and went to clean the mess.

It was good to be home. It would never ever feel like home at her parents, but she'd spent Christmas with the family because her father wanted her too. And her mom had been civil. Still, Macy knew it was a struggle.

It was good to hang out with Rico and his girlfriend. Actually, it felt as if his girlfriend had taken her place. Her mother doted on Lizzie. They could practically finish each other's sentences. Seriously, Macy knew they were doing just fine, without her.

Oh, and the pregnancy question, well..they didn't talk about it much, as if it would go away. Only, Macy knew she'd gained some extra pounds over the holidays.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Barry were having a stay at home honeymoon. It was winter break for Charlie's classes so they were taking advantage of the time to spend together after a small ceremony the day after Thanksgiving.

Lily was staying with Draco.

"Did you two, enjoy Christmas?" It all seemed a little depressing to Macy.

"Of course, we did." Draco smiled and Lily nodded with a bigger smile. They'd watched about every Christmas episode of every cartoon on Cartoon Network.

"We made cookies." She told her.

"And fudge."

"Oh, and don't ever make a pecan pie with my dad." Lily shook her head, no. "It turns out awful sticky."

Macy smiled, glad she was here with these two.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Lily and Draco are so cute!


Launna said...
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Launna said...

I'm glad Macy is enjoying herself