Sunday, February 5, 2017

its a funny time of the year

its a funny time of the year

Macy was glad Draco tagged along for the late afternoon appointment with her. It was only a check up, but it was after 5 and there were so many couples in the waiting area. She grabbed his hand as if they were like anyone else here. She didn't want to be the odd one, when all along she knew she was.

She noticed one couple. The new father to be was so happy. She could tell by his happy demeanor. She could see his wife was a little overwhelmed. As if... she must be in shock.

Yet, as Macy watched them, she wondered where she knew them from. Maybe the grocery store. Maybe she'd worked with him, but she didn't think so. It had been so long ago, that she'd worked there. She knew she shouldn't bother them, but what the heck.

"It gets better." Macy said with an open smile, and he looked at her, as if she couldn't be talking to them. "Did you guys, just find out?" What a stupid question, but Macy only smiled as if she was happy for them. The young woman cracked a smile and nodded, but Macy could tell she was nervous.

Macy went to introduce herself and dragged Draco along.

They were Sara and Taylor.

Draco then pointed to Sara. "Oh, you're a friend of Charlie's, aren't you?" He smiled.

Sara nodded. She did know who he was but she didn't dwell on the fact that Draco was Charlie's ex and Lily's father.

"How is Lily?" Sara wanted to know.

"She's back at Charlie's now. She very artistic." Macy bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Why was everything so funny? Oh, she loved it. She really did love being pregnant. Or perhaps it was at this very moment she'd decided to not have worries. This was her life, and she was having a baby. Sara was having a baby. Everyone should have a baby. It was on the tip of tongue, but Macy kept smiling.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy is definitely on cloud nine rn!


Launna said...

Macy seems very happy... I am glad she is finding things to smile about... :)