Tuesday, February 14, 2017

its a party

The dinner party was going to be great.

Although, Ivy hadn't thought there would be so much prep work in getting the lasanga ready. There was so much more chopping than she ever imagined. Yes, next time she knew she'd pick up something from the heat and serve pizza place. But she wanted everything to be homemade tonight. Especially, for her friends.

Even Rosco would be with her brother Cho. She was excited.

Her mom helped a little. Naturally, the floors were so clean, you could eat off of them. Ivy doubted she would ever be the housekeeper her mother was. But she loved her Mom, and was grateful for the help.

She hoped everyone enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries as much as she did, making them.

It wasn't long until the party guests arrived. She looked forward to entertaining, and everyone was chatting and it was Valentines day..so people dressed accordingly.

Just as they were about to sit down and eat, the door bell rang.

Her mother went to get it.

Seriously, Ivy wasn't expecting anyone else.

But there was someone she hadn't seen since she left Korea, and he was holding a bouquet of pink roses.

"They are still your favorite flowers, aren't they?" Joon's smile was open.

Ivy didn't know what to say. Why was he here? She hadn't heard from him in so long. She was certain he'd forgotten her, by now.

Yes, he was cute once. Now, he was unbelievably grown up and handsome.

"Oh, Ivy..you are full of secrets." Bree was the first to say anything.

Ivy only winced. She knew there was a reason she didn't like Bree. Didn't she want her boyfriend Randy?

Naturally, Ivy's mother let Joon take her seat.

Still, Ivy was certain..Joon was the lone wolf, but she guessed he'd fit right in. Some how.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm eager to see what Joon's appearance will spark!


Launna said...

Ooo how sweet that Joon showed up and surprised Ivy xox