Friday, February 17, 2017

little pieces

little pieces

How could Gordy work in these conditions? The house didn't have any heat, but he hammered away, almost in a sweat.

Really, Irwin didn't know what he was doing here. He held a piece of wood, while Gordy hammered.

"Are you, going to be here all night?" It was back breaking to Irwin, but Gordy seemed determined to have the house ready by summer.

"Just a little longer." Gordy told him time seemed to be getting away from him. "But, it'll be worth it."

Irwin only nodded. He wasn't sure he agreed with him, as he stood on the sawdust floor. All he could think to do was to turn on the shop vacuum to clean it up.

"You sure, you aren't trying to get away from Tiffany?" Irwin never saw them together, anymore.

"Why would I do that?" Gordy's smile was genuine as if he was truly a kid at heart. Still, he looked so thin to Irwin.

"I dunno. You two are engaged-"

"She's spending time with her son and her mom." Gordy nodded. "But I always have dinner with them."

"Good." Irwin hoped Tiffany was being nice to him. He knew she could be really nice and then she had a way of getting on his nerves as if was never enough for her, but Irwin didn't want to tell Gordy these things. He'd have to leave it alone.

"And you? How's Julia?" Gordy wanted to know as he picked another piece of the puzzle to keep the old house from falling. He found another nail to hammer in, so efficiently.

Irwin could only smile. Did he have to explain how much he loved being with her?

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Launna said...

I think Irwin is quite happy with Julia... and Gordy needs to talk with Tiffany a little more...