Tuesday, February 28, 2017

with in the moment

within the moment

Perhaps it was the shock that Josh could transform into an entirely different person that set the day as quite unreal. Xander couldn't say what made the day so unusual. Perhaps the sudden setback of winter.

Of course, he was used to the unexpected. He'd helped people get out of their dryer. He'd climbed a tree once just to get a little terrier down. Someone even got stuck in their pants once.

Maybe he liked remembering the funny ones. Not the horrifying one. Like the time, they broke the door down to find the old man who had been laying next to his bed for days. Thankfully, the postman rang 911, since he hadn't checked his mail over the weekend.

Still, he hated car crashes the most. Sometimes, people were unharmed and sometimes, it was a ticking time bomb, wondering if it might explode.

But it was another cold day. Winter was back and people were driving like it might be summer. Still, a black car collided with another and spun out to the side of the road. Not a scratch on the pre-teen in the backseat, but the driver was a goner. Of course, he was old and it was probably a heart attack. It must have happened while he was driving.

"Is my grandpa, OK?" The kid wanted to know who was behind Xander while Josh was working to get the old man out of the car and of course, looking for any signs of life.

"Uh.." Xander looked over his shoulder, not sure what to say, other than to get back. He did ask the kid for his name and who he was with.

Suddenly, Xander was hit with grief as he watched the young man. He could imagine Ducky at this age.

"Do, you, have anyone, you could call?" Xander imagined the boy having his own cell. At least, he knew the boy's name was Sunny.

"Its just the two of us." He then mentioned his grandpa had lung cancer. "But he never ever smoked." As if that had to count for something.

Xander nodded. He hated the thought of what would become of him. He typed in Sunny's name and address and phone number into his cell. He promised to keep in touch with him.

"I'm sorry." was all Xander could manage to say. "I'm so sorry."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Xander wouldn't be so hard on himself.


Launna said...

Awe poor Sunny... Xander needs to give himself a break and just reach out to Sunny ...