Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Big Hands, I know you're the one

Big hands, I know you're the one

"So, he's not that bad, is he?" Joey wanted to know about Sunny while they(he and Dakota) were at the grocery store deli buying lunch to take to the park,

He'd missed Easter with her, but it sounded like she'd been to plenty of Easter egg hunts and was doted with a pretty spring frock from Ducky's mother.

Still, Dakota was being a little indifferent these days, as if he'd have to try harder to win her back. Yet, he was glad she was at Xander and Ducky's. He felt calm about her getting everything she needed. He wasn't certain he could give her everything, especially his attention..all the time.

He let her pick her favorites. Of course, chicken strips, not chicken legs and she wanted mac and cheese, too.

"I bet its not as good as Xander's." He remembered.

"He makes a lot of stuff now." She told him that Xander was staying home these days. He wasn't going to the University now and he wasn't a medic, anymore.

"Huh." Joey didn't know. Here he was worrying about finding a better job. Perhaps, it was something to take his mind off Chelsea.

Yet, he felt certain he needed to think about his future with Dakota. What could he do, to provide for her?

He paid for the sack lunch and added a few soda's to his hand held basket. They turned to leave, but there was a young woman with a baby. It was like a blast from the past. Joey was sure he was seeing things.

His feet wouldn't move as she walked toward him.

"Becca?" He could barely say. There eyes met and Joey thought he might faint.

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This is an interesting turn of events!