Monday, June 26, 2017

living the dream

Living the dream

Bo was a little let down that the band wasn't even out of town yet. This meant he had to spend another weekend at home.

True, he didn't have a hard life, but he didn't do much, either. It was boring at home, while their show at the festival had been a rush. He loved being with the band. Everything was so upbeat and the cheers from people.

He had no idea anyone even knew who he was.

Now, the University wanted them back for a full concert. This was the real deal. Not just three cover song, but a playlist of upbeat music to last until almost midnight.

This was the way it was suppose to be.

He was almost in a panic about it. He really didn't know if he could go the length of a three hour show.

At least, there was Keith, who would take on a few songs. Honestly, he was counting on him to get him through band camp (so to speak). Honestly, he was a newbie at this, and he didn't want anyone to know how truly scared he was.

What if he couldn't handle it?

He messed with his amplifier as they were getting ready to practice. He couldn't help but to be in  serious mode.

He heard someone laughing then. It was Gabby with the guy who was driving the bus.

Bo stared at her, wondering what was so funny. He wanted to say something to her, but he didn't know what to say.

"Is everything OK?" Gabby looked at him. Bo only nodded. He turned from her and winced hard. He'd hardly said a thing to her since finding out she was his manager.

"Hey," Her voice woke him, he felt as if he almost jumped out  his skin. Bo turned to look down at Gabby's sunny smile.

"What?" He looked a little bug eyed.

"Thanks, for making this happen." Her smile was open and he found himself just wanting to stare at her.

"Oh..yeah..sure." He barely managed. Her hand grazed his back. He thought he might lose consciousness, entirely. But he stood completely still. He was breathing, after all.

"You're gonna slay the summer." He listened to her quaint voice, soft and full of sweetness.

He gave her a straight lip smile and nodded. He would definitely try his best.

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