Saturday, June 10, 2017

the choice is yours

the choice is yours

Tiffany thought she heard somebody in the bathroom. Maybe they were sick. Then she heard a big belch. Maybe, it wasn't as serious as she thought it was. She waited.

When the door open, to her surprise it was Julie.

"What are you doing here?" Tiffany shot her a look, this was not her house.

"Oh, I'm..I'm feeling a little..I dunno." Julie's eyes were sleepy.

"Are you sick?" Tiffany wanted to know, as she helped her to the livingroom couch.

"Its hard to say. I've..I've never felt quite like this before." That's when she told Tiffany the baby news.

Tiffany set next to her on the couch in her mother's livingroom as she let it sink in.

"Huh." Now Tiffany thought she might throw up. "Being pregnant can be crazy." Tiffany tried to be happy for her. "Actually, the first two months with Brick, I was trying to decide if I should have an abortion or not. I even went down to the clinic. I had an appointment and everything."

Why was this all coming back to her? She'd done so well to forget that chapter in her life, but it was her sister that talked her out of it, in the waiting room.

She started to laugh, remembering how Omaha was there with Carmen and how the nurse asked him if he were the father. The look on his face was priceless.

Tiffany sucked in the tears, now. She promised Julie she was happy for her.

"You're older and wiser." Tiffany sighed a weak smile. Still, she did not feel very wise, at all.

It was true somebody must have been watching over her, all this time. Her eyes were still wet.

"Just try to enjoy this time, even if it gets hard." She wished she'd enjoyed those days.

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Living in the moment is always good advice!