Sunday, July 23, 2017

You're living in the past it's a new generation

You're living in the past it's a new generation

It was a h e l l of a way to get back together. But somehow, Bree was certain that was the way she liked to do things. She guessed she was her father's daughter, after all. Yes, what else was a convict's daughter to do, but runaway.

She wanted to believe she and Connor were back together. Randy..had only been a diversion. He was off to boot camp.

She tried to be sad about how she'd left things hanging with Simon, but maybe that had been over for some time, too. After all, Simon was a very nice guy. He deserved better. She knew. It was best not to look back. After all, it might take all summer to talk this out with Connor.

She wanted to believe she might be saving him, too. He was going through a tough time. It started with  a mysterious phone call. Somebody knew he was the real father to somebody's baby and that just about killed him.

"Stuff like that..happens to people all the time," Bree shrugged it off as a SO WHAT kind of moment. She'd only left him in a bad mood.

And then Connor asked about that secret of her bad reputation. Everyone seemed to know but him.

It left her with a sad sigh. Of all people, she couldn't explain it. Not exactly. She knew in his eyes, was unforgivable.

"Its..something..something I get by." She was straight lipped. Wasn't like she'd fallen into s e x t r a f f i c i n g.  "Its.." what could she say... "It starts with an H and..and ends with a B."

Even then, he was no good at spelling. And then when it hit him what the word was, she thought he was going to be physically ill.

They didn't really fight about it. Still, he was such a b a s t a r d about it. She thought she would run away from him.

Unfortunately, a hail storm was coming, and they got caught up in it and found themselves in an abandoned building. Just what teenage romances are made of..she thought now. But, he was still mad at her.

How could she? What was she thinking?

She did have her v i r g i n i t y. He obviously didn't and she wasn't furious about it.

Actually, the secret started the time she saved Rosco's butt at the party down on the river. And, that was where she met that popular guy, who she'd forgotten the name of..who then..started the whole thing into something legendary.

Now, she was known at the girl with the golden touch.

"Maybe..I should just..change my name." She decided. Connor looked at her as if she really was dreaming, but that's when he hugged her while the hail kept roaring. They decided it might be a good idea to go on a roadtrip and leave this old heartland town behind.

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