Tuesday, October 17, 2017

nice to meet you

nice to meet you

Howie saw that Gabby was with someone while waiting in line at the Sushi place. He was with Ruby.

Lately, they'd been going everywhere together. And he'd found himself living at her place.

He wasn't sure if he wanted Gabby to know about this, but still felt it was better to be up front about it. There was no sense hiding it.

He motioned for them to come with them. They could eat together. He introduced Gabby to Ruby. "We used to work together." He told her.

She looked Gabby over, but remained silent.

Gabby introduced them to Ste, who smiled and shook Howie's hand.

Miraculous, they didn't hold up the line and the waitress took all four of them to a table.

"I love this place." Ruby said as she looked over the menu.

Gabby looked at Howie. He knew what her eyes were asking (how could this happen?)

Howie grinned.

"So where did you two meet?" He needed to sound like the older oppa, that he was.

He could see Gabby wanted to be alone with Ste, instead of with him and Ruby.

"Oh, I know her sister." Ste told him. "She used to be with my brother, in England."

"Oh." Howie nodded.

"OH MY GOD..you're from England?" Suddenly, Ruby wanted to know all about him.

Gaby looked at Howie as if this was such a bad idea, this impromptu dinner.

Now Ruby was monopolizing the whole conversation.

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Launna said...

Ruby is funny ... I hope she steps back and gets to know the person on the inside ...