Sunday, October 29, 2017

one thing leads to another

If one more strange thing happened in the men's restroom at the library, Henry just might lose his mind.

Halloween was coming.

"You, can dress up for Halloween, but no gore and ..NO WITCH'S COSTUMES." It was an order from the director's monthly meeting, with the staff.

Yes, the director had ran into some troubles with a witch, as of late. She wasn't pleased what was going on in Children's Story-time. She even found Dr. Seuss evil.

They'd already gone over the incident that happened in the Men's Room. A preschooler found two boys in a strange situation one afternoon. He thought Henry should know.

Of course, the two boys ran out half dressed. Henry hadn't a clue, who they were. He'd stopped Rosco a few days later, to ask if he knew anything.

"How should I know!" He'd clearly upset him, as if one gay would know another. Henry apologized. Maybe, it was best he didn't know who they were.

Why was everything so troubling?

"Oh, you've always been this way." Josie told him before bed. "Don't you know, its the little stuff like this, that keeps you going."

Still, he imagined he needed some sort of antidepressant to keep him from going bonkers. It didn't help to hear her say he was a drama queen.

"Well, if we could all be, like you." He snapped. "Nothing ever bother's you."

He still was shaken that a little kid had to see two people, practically naked in the Men's room. Still, this kind of stuff was going to give him high blood pressure..and if he took blood pressure medications...then..then..they would never have anymore kids.

Naturally, they'd had several arguments on this issue. How one child was enough. Not two.

And Josie was so right. But..

Why did he feel something tragic would the library.

There were so many tragic things happening, lately. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Shootings..and even a mouse had found its way into the kitchen and got into the chocolate chips.

"Maybe, you should find another job." Josie gave him a pat on the back as he sat on the edge of the bed just in his sleep pants and tank.

"Like..what?" Jobs at libraries were few and far between. Why did he take all those library science classes... just to be stuck as assistant to head of circulation? He should have thought of something different to do before they had Allie.

Josie got out her iPhone and showed him a few pin-interest pins on a dress she wanted. "But you'd have to make it."

Henry smiled. She hadn't wanted him to make anything, for some time now. He'd made the up-cycled sweater soakers for the baby, but Josie was never in favor of them, even if they were antibacterial.

"Oh, and everything is in German." She told him.

He shrugged. There was always Google translator. Mystery solved..hopefully.


Katy said...

I love the set. Can I hug Henry and tell him everything will be okay?

Launna said...

I adore Henry and Josie... I hope they can work through this ... it sounds like some very strange things are happening at the library...