Tuesday, October 31, 2017

to the moon and back

to the moon and back

Rosie felt she was in a slump since Homecoming.

Yes, Bo was a whole lot more than she ever imagined.

Maybe..it was all a little too sudden. She didn't know if she would be ready for a second kiss.

Oh, she was happy. It was..definitely... breathtaking.

But... it felt a little like getting ready for her next production. What would she wear? Would her hair be OK? Would it be as perfect as the first time?


She kept imagining it in her head. The moment their lips met. But there was the neck strain to endure. Her mouth could barely keep up.

Maybe it wasn't so perfect, after all.

It sort of gave her a tension headache now. Sure, she still text him. Getting messages from him, always made her smile.

Of course, he had a concert tonight. And he sounded so sad to be away from her. She knew she believed him, but the fact remained, they might not be able to go back and just be friends now.

She was a little torn. Perhaps distraught. And she was going to stay home Halloween, but then she saw Sunny and Dakota at her door.

Suddenly, it was like a new turn of events. Even if Dakota was dressed like Wonder Woman, Sunny looked quite fetching in his fall sweater.

"Can I come?" She was all smiles as she grabbed her sweater and went with them into the darkness.

Sunny looked at her as if he would do his best, not to be too happy to see her.

"How..how are..you really doing?" She did want to know if he was OK this fall.

"Oh, same old..same old." His mouth finally gave her an open smile.

"Good." Her voice was more sweet than she meant, but still she liked it. She liked the way he looked at her. Of course, Dakota was possibly giving her the evil eye with her crooked crown swaying to the left, on the side of her forehead.

Sunny turned to Dakota and put the head piece on correctly.

"I don't know why that thing won't stay on your head," he said. They proceeded on to the next house.

Rosie held in a laugh. This was oh so easy to do. Be here with Sunny. They didn't have to hold hands, but she'd like, too.

She took his hand once they started on their merry way to more houses to get too, for treats.

"Gosh, you're hands are really warm." She told him. He was still letting her hold his hand.

He sucked in a breath as if he didn't know what she meant.

"Yours is..kind of ..cold." Sunny finally said.

"Oh, but I have a warm heart." She promised. He kind of laughed as she held on to his hand.

Dakota walked on, ahead of them, more smug than usual.

Yes, this was all she wanted. Something calm and steady. They could learn to talk to each other. Her phone buzzed a message then, but she didn't look at it. In fact, she turned off her phone.

She looked at Sunny, feeling more certain. He was exactly who she thought he would be. A some kind of wonderful in the distant future.


Katy said...

I love this so much and Dakota is sort of really adorable

Launna said...

Rosie needs to really think about what she wants... she shouldn't go for comfortable...