Thursday, October 19, 2017

we need to talk

we need to talk

Ducky was certain it was the flu.

A part of him wanted to tell Xander, he should have gotten his flu shot before he went to Seoul, but that would only bring Xander down.

"You'll be fine." He promised as he text the nurses to bring the meds for the flu. Not many had been sick lately, so maybe they'd nip this in the bud before anything more serious happened.

"Oh, I..I should tell you..before.." Xander grabbed at the sleeve of Ducky's white doctor coat.

"What?" Ducky looked at him blankly. Xander wasn't that sick, was he? Xander squinted hard. "We..we have company coming."

"What?" Ducky squinted a scowl. That's all he needed, another guest, at the house.

"My..mother's son." Xander started.

Ducky looked at him as if he must be hallucinating. Granted, he and Xander didn't talk that much, lately, but he didn't think he was keeping anything from him.

"I don't even know him, but..but he's all alone..and..and he needs family right now." Xander could barely say above a whisper. Ducky knew Xander needed rest.

Ducky hoped Xander was only making this up. It couldn't possibly be true.

"You, need some rest." Ducky put his hand on Xander's feverish forehead. Finally, he pulled his hand back to reach for his smart phone. He kissed Xander's head.

Soon Xander was asleep in the hospital bed.

Ducky brought up the information of their bank account on his phone. It was true. Xander had paid for a one way ticket for someone.

Ducky shook his head, even lipped. How could he stop this from happening? He hated it, when Xander did things like this. But he loved him. He knew family was important to Xander.


Katy said...

I love this, hun!

Launna said...

I hope Xander feels better soon and that Ducky understands that Xander likes having people around and helping them...