Sunday, October 1, 2017

You and me, Kid

you and me, kid

" know..I'd really like to help you out..but Sara might have the baby, anytime now." Taylor shrugged, as if he couldn't really celebrate Omaha's move. He was happy for him, but they weren't exactly on the same wave length, lately. "Just wait, until you have a kid, you'll know what homebody..really means then."

Omaha slightly smirked as if he wasn't all that fond of Taylor and the baby talk.

"I..I wanted to be close by." Omaha then said. Taylor only nodded. Sure, he felt Omaha was another brother from a different mother, but he didn't really know how to say he'd just have to keep silent.

They talked about Taylor's truck and what Omaha could help with, but he doubted it would be anytime soon

"You, think you can live without it?" Omaha wanted to know.

"As long as we got Sara's car running, everything will be fine." Taylor had taken on a new job as an exterminator, recently. He'd been studying up on getting his license. He had a truck with the company. Most of the time he was nights away from home. Sometimes, all the way to Minnesota. "Sorry, I've been so busy, lately."

Taylor finally gave his best bud a slap on the back.

"Don't worry about it." Omaha shook his head.

"You and Sheena, still going strong?" Taylor wanted to know.

"I dunno, she's giving me a hard time about the new place. She thinks its a dump. She thinks I'll let it turn into a dump." Omaha was even lipped as if he already had a headache about it.

"She really said that?" Taylor wondered if Omaha was having second thoughts about being with Sheena.

"Not really, but..but I know her." Omaha looked at Taylor, as if he knew Sheena didn't have faith in him.  "I'm beginning to wonder if ..even..Carmen would have lost faith in me, sooner or later."

"Where's all this doubt coming from, bro?" Taylor squinted as if they both could use a beer now.

"Um, I dunno..sometimes..if..if I let myself think.."

"Well, don't think so much about the past, OK?" Taylor guessed he was Omaha's biggest cheerleader, after all. "You got a good job. Got a good a house. The sky's the limit, man. The sky is the limit." He smiled.

Omaha finally smiled, as if he would only move forward. Not look back.

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