Friday, November 3, 2017

When Ollie met Gabby

when Ollie met Gabby

Ollie went out early on Halloween. Actually, right after school. Maybe he was hoping Kramer would drive by the park and he'd go cruising for the rest of the night. But it was nippy out and it felt as if winter was coming.

He waited by the merry-go-round. As much as he was beginning to think he might play statue, a girl arrived.

He knew of her, but he'd never met her. He thought he'd seen her with Ivy, but she didn't seem to recognize him. Maybe he was on the black list. If such a list existed. Perhaps he wasn't even worth listing.

He remained sullen. She plopped down on the merry-go-around with her hands shoved in the pockets of her imitation leather jacket. Her black tights had a small hole at the knee.

"" He finally asked. Thinking what a dumb question to ask, but he'd already said it.

She looked at him. Then looked away.

She asked if he had a cigarette. He shook his head, no. Just his friend Kramer had the cigarettes. And his Dad.

She mentioned then she'd had her first cigarette when she was seven. She'd smoked with a cousin who was much older. But she'd quit for awhile. And she didn't even really need one, right now.

Ollie nodded and scooted in next to her. It was a tighter spot than he expected. His knee touched her knee. But suddenly, he felt warm. Very warm.

"My dad says cigarettes calm me." He shrugged.

"Do you believe him?" She looked him in the eye.

"Maybe..maybe for a little bit." Ollie nodded. "It doesn't last long enough." Seriously, he didn't know where this conversation was going. "Um, do you know...Ivy?"

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, as if she might actually be vicious, if she wanted too.

"She used to date somebody I used to know." Her hands went deeper into her coat. They were shoulder to shoulder. "And then she stole my boyfriend."

Ollie only nodded, feeling he was a ghost of a boyfriend. Someone, not even worth mentioning.

Maybe..she wanted to get revenge on Ivy. A lump of emotion lodged in Ollie's throat.

"But I got a lover now, so it doesn't really matter." She looked kind of sad.

It was quiet. They watched leaves spin and dance in the air. It was as if Autumn was full of a vibrant freedom, neither would truly experience.

"We..we just can't really talk." She said as she looked toward the warmth of the sun.

"Who?" Were they back to talking about Ivy?

She pressed her lips into a thin line and looked at him, as if he needed to keep up, if he wanted to keep this position as her personal confidant.

"Oh." He slightly said and cleared his throat.

"Who are you?" She wanted to know. He guessed he was talking to the same person from before. But it felt as if he was meeting one of her other personalities.


She reached for her phone and handed it to him. "Just punch it in."

He'd never given anyone his cell phone number. Only his dad's number and Betty's number were under contacts... and Kramer's.

He'd just gotten a new android, in fact. Ollie smiled

"Don't get to happy about it." She told him. "I won't know you, at school."

"Fine." He could live with that.


Launna said...

I'm wondering if she has two personalities too... Ollie might want to rethink this...

Katy said...

I love this so much!

Karla said...

PERFECT! Love this!!