Friday, December 1, 2017

its going around

it's going around

"So.. you didn't go shopping on Black Friday?" Sheena didn't know what else to ask, as Minnie stuck a sleeping newborn in her arms. They were having to talk quietly because Sara was asleep.

"No, of course, not. Why would I?" Minnie went to get her a cup of tea. Of course, Sheena wasn't sure she could move now. She was stranded on the couch with a toddler at her feet and an infant pushing herself to almost crawl.

How was that possible? She didn't think Minnie's little Wednesday would be that capable, just yet.

She wanted to ask what she was feeding her, but thought it best not, since Sheena knew nothing about children.

She held on to the sleeping baby. Funny, she forgot if it were a boy or a girl.

"Were, you at the hospital when she had him?" Sheena was definitely left out of the loop. Nobody asked her to come, of course, she really didn't want to be there. Sara had the baby a week before Thanksgiving.

His little face reminded her of Taylor. No, maybe it was Sara. Sheena squinted trying to see who he looked like, exactly.

He had very dark hair. That surprised her. She looked at Minnie as if she had something to do with it.

"When are YOU going to have another one?" Sheena then asked.

Minnie laughed softly.

"No, Sheena..when are YOU going to have one?"

A shiver ran through her.

"Not until.. I'm at least married a year." Sheena nodded, but she'd just decided this moment.

"Well, you two better hurry  up and get married." Minnie smiled.

"What about you?" Minnie wanted to know if she and Josh would ever tie the knot.

"We need to move out of here, first and that won't happen anytime soon, unless we win the lottery." She shrugged. "Besides, I have Cohan to look after."

"Cohan?" Who was that? Sheena almost asked.

"The're holding." Minnie tilted her head, as if Sheena better keep up.


She smile at him as one dark blue eye gave her a look over, but then he shut his eyes and sucked at the pacifier as if he was content enough in her arms. He wrapped his leg around her arm that was keeping the pacifier from going too far. Sometimes, he acted as if he didn't need it, but then he did.

She was going nowhere very fast. And really, she was OK with this snuggle. Actually, it felt so good to want this. Sheena knew she could handle having a baby, but just for good measure, she would help Minnie out, when she could. She wanted to know everything about babies.

Seriously, though, she thought Sara should be taking care of this infant, not taking a nap.

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