Thursday, February 22, 2018

just girl talk

just girl talk

Angie was certain she needed to break it off with Dewey before she became cruel. Why was she like this?

It felt odd to be so bitter. This was not suppose to be happening. But the more she thought of the wait of how long it would really take to actually be with Dewey, it consumed her with anger. And she didn't want him to see that side of her.

Perhaps she hated him as much as she loved him. Oh, it was getting old. It was making Senior year impossible. These were suppose to be the best days of her life and here she was worried about her future with him.

She'd given it up in a blink of an eye on the most romantic night of the year. Still, it was a lot to contemplate as she sat her with a mug of coffee on a cold winter's afternoon at the bakery.

"Are you sure you don't want a sugar cookie?" The girl who worked there brought her heart shaped cookies. "They're free."

She didn't want to take one, but she grabbed it and took a bite.

"You're Dewey's girlfriend, aren't you?" She smiled. The dining area was empty she took a seat across from her.

"How? How do you know, Dewey?" Angie winced.

"Oh, I haven't really met him," she said. "But my boyfriend lives at his house."

Angie nodded. She'd seen the girl at school, yet she didn't really know who she was talking about.

The girl introduced herself. Her name was Valentina, and she was a freshman in high school. She sounded so impressed with Angie, being a senior. It was as if the girl found her to be a role model, of some sort.

Angie could hardly stand to listen to her happy chat. She remained even lipped, perhaps ice cold. She wanted the teen to shut up. She had no idea what Angie had gone through the last four years.

She thought of how love sick she'd been at Valentina's age. How she'd swooned over someone named Max. Now that guy had two kids and still hadn't married his fiancee. Angie was beginning to think she didn't have good judgement, when it came to guys. How come everyone found happiness sooner, than she did?

"So you really think you're in love?" Angie found herself asking.

"Um.." Valentina nodded. "He..he's always made me feel safe. Its like an adventure, you know." She smiled. "I like doing..nothing with him."

It sounded so simple. Angie winced more wondering if she'd been that way, too. She was certain she'd felt that way. Usually, when it was unrequited. But now, college bound, she'd realized that wasn't nearly enough. She'd hate to burst Valentina's bubble, but Angie knew Valentina was only going through a phase.

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