Saturday, March 31, 2018

bring it on

bring it on!

Liv did her best to make Easter weekend special for Dakota, but it was still cold and there wasn't much to do, other than try to find some sort of craft to do.

"Aren't you going to call your Mom?" Dakota asked. She remembered Liv's parents weren't even at the wedding.

"I didn't invite them," Liv admitted.

"Why not." Dakota knew they lived in town. Dakota even met her mother once at the grocery store. Dakota thought she was nice.

"I know. She is," Liv said, "but we don't see eye to eye on anything. And I worry them, so we just don't see each other." Liv shrugged as she went to find more crayons for Dakota's picture she was working at the coffee table.

"Won't you regret it one day?" Dakota asked.

"I guess. It's hard to say. My mom is sweet to everyone, but me. I'm sure it's my fault. I let her down." Liv sighed as she tried to think of something like a bunny to draw. She hated to ponder it much. She knew she'd asked her parents to leave her alone once she got out on her own. She didn't want to burden them.

She looked at her cell phone next to her. Maybe she should call and wish her mom a happy Easter. Her mother always loved the spring holiday with lite and airy cakes and Easter eggs, deviled eggs and even ham.

"Maybe I should ask her how to color eggs," Liv asked Dakota if she'd like to have an Easter egg hunt. Of course, Dakota smiled with a nod.

Liv grabbed her phone, took a deep sigh and contacted her mother who picked up on the first ring.

To Liv's surprise, her mother remembered Dakota's name and she would be happy to have an Easter egg hunt at her house.

"Come for brunch." Her mother almost sang a spring tune. "I might even have a present or two for you."

Liv gritted a smile. Maybe it would be different with Dakota around, but her mother wanted to see Joey, as well.

It looked like it was going to be a full spring holiday even if snow was in the forecast.

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