Saturday, March 17, 2018

I had to get away

I had to get away

Betty knew they were not like other travelers, but the five of them made it to their destination, the beach.

The boys, Brick, and Dewey would be staying in a pop-up camper in the backyard while Lily would sleep with her grandmother Doris and Betty and Ed got the guestroom.

"Are you sure the boys won't be cold?" Doris said it had been down in the 30's lately. It was too cold for spring break, according to her.

"They'll be fine. They're from Nebraska." Betty assured her those two wore shorts when it was that warm. Naturally, she made Doris shiver.

But she had an ample supply of snacks and treats, even take out from the deli at Sam's Club.

Betty told her not to go to so much trouble. After all, her friend was on a simple budget.

"I missed you guys," Doris told them.

"Then, why don't you come home?" Betty was beginning to think Doris was using this Florida gig as a way of not having to face the reality of her husband deterioration. He'd forgotten her completely and now thought he was part of the cast of Hawaii Five-O.

She didn't want to discuss it. They were here to have fun.

Betty knew she was right. She was happy to see her old friend, who looked really good.

And for the first time, she could actually walk down the beach with someone to watch the ocean with and his name was Ed.

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