Thursday, March 22, 2018

on a road to nowhere

on a road to nowhere

Dewey hadn't expected much on this Spring Break trip to Florida. Actually, he didn't want to go, but he knew he better do it, or he'd never hear the end of it, from his mother.

True, she was older than the other mothers of classmates. Always had been, but it really hadn't bothered him. Perhaps, he felt more like a grandchild than the last child. His sisters carried him around as if he were their own when he was a baby. So he felt as if he had a lot of mothers, but they all moved out, and he was left with a moody woman who never had anything nice to say about anyone.

Maybe, that was why he never wanted Angie to know her. He knew his mother thought he was far too secretive with Angie.

"What are you two doing? Having s e x..all the time?" His mother asked when he and Angie dated all summer before his mother moved back home.

Dewey was certain she was going to send him back to Boystown because she said she couldn't handle him. Yes, he'd remained a little restless all those weeks when he shouldn't have. So scared he would never have a real girlfriend like Angie, but somehow they'd enjoyed the small things together.

He admired her and liked working with her, studying with her, doing nothing with her. That was their romance. He knew it wasn't nearly as exciting as her days with Sawyer. Dewey guessed he'd been Angie's lover. Except, she'd been certain he was always in love with someone else. Not her.

Dewey hated that someone made Angie feel so used. He promised he would never be that way with her. He did love her. He couldn't think of ever kissing anyone but her. He loved holding her. But, they'd never had s e x.

He thought they were above it. Except, maybe he wasn't. Still, it was up to her to decide..if and when it would happen.

And now it was over. Just when he thought he might breathe again without getting choked up on his own tears of misery, she texted.


Angie's text startled him.


Dewey thought he might faint. He didn't know how to respond other than I MISS YOU, TOO.

Suddenly, he read her text that was more of a novel about how Sawyer changed so much and she didn't want Dewey to change. She told him she loved the way he was and how she would never want to change him. She told him he was the strongest person she ever knew, but she thought they should move in together when school was out.

Dewey smiled more. He texts back that he wasn't going to take the football scholarship. That wasn't the way he wanted to live, in fear of a head injury. He'd just have to find another way and he would with Angie.

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