Thursday, April 19, 2018

Close your eyes and see

Kevin hoped Sheena never set him up again. He didn't like those kinds of situations. He definitely didn't like it when his father kept wanting him to go to marriage meetings. True, this blind date wasn't nearly as drastic as having dinner with one of Omaha's coworkers at Sheena an Omaha's, but he just didn't want to see Beth again.

He thought she was too loud and found it hilarious that she was vegan since he didn't really believe her. Not a woman as robust Beth. He shook the thought of ever wanting to think about her. Besides, there was someone on his radar.

"Oh, who is she?" Sheena wanted to know while they were on break at work. She'd brought him iced green tea.

He sighed as if he didn't want to tell her, but she guessed right away. It was one of their clients at the salon. Somehow, he always bumped into her on his visits. Evidently, Wren was into having her nails done once a week, and he knew what day.

"You don't need a blonde Lana Del Rey," Sheena said she looked like a ghost with scary lips. She shook her head. It was all so unnatural to her.

"Well, you like your men too earthy." He smiled back, thinking this might be a spat. They'd never argued over anything until now.

Sheena scrunched a face.

He finally confessed he didn't really like Sheena's boyfriend.

"He doesn't like you either." Sheena bit back with her arms crossed.

Kevin took a long sip from the straw of his iced green tea. Maybe it was best, they didn't talk about things like this. Still, Sheena was his only friend. He didn't really know anything about Wren.

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