Tuesday, June 5, 2018

the wonder of it

Everyone was so quiet. Drew was beginning to think his timing was all wrong. How would he ever say what was exactly on his mind? He looked at the girls, who were starting to eat their mother's casserole. He looked at Ellie who was eating quietly. Drew got more of the cheesy macaroni to eat.

He would wait. Finally, everyone finished up and he helped wash dishes. He remained even lipped, wondering what he'd done wrong.

"Should I," He paused thinking he shouldn't be here. "Should I go?"

"Oh, no." Ellie winced almost smiled but then even lipped said. "I mean if you're busy-"

"No, not really." He pushed his hands in the back pockets of his faded jeans. "Are the girls, OK?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so." She put the leftover casserole in the fridge. "Thank you, for helping me eat this."

"What?" He looked at her blankly. He didn't think it was bad.

"The girls hate their vegetables," Ellie said.

"There were vegetables?" He smirked. Ellie lightly laughed.

She told him that the girls liked him very much. "But, but they can be so." She gritted.

"Oh, they're sweet. And, and you're so calm with them." He smiled. "You're a great Mom."

She nodded, but he felt she might melt into tears. Drew couldn't help but want to give her a hug. He doubted this was the time to tell her he wanted to ask her out. Instead, he brushed a tear away and asked her what was the matter.

It was then she told him their father was coming in a few weeks.

"Is he? Is he going to stay here?" Drew couldn't help but ask. She shook her head, no.

"Are they going home with him?" Drew knew that wouldn't be easy for her.

"No...no..no." She shook her head, but she looked a bit uncertain. She said he was busy, always on the go. "I didn't see him that much when we were married. I mean in the latter part, before we split. And then, he's living in Australia now."

Ellie hugged herself hard as if she was more nervous than she wanted to let on. Drew wasn't sure what to say. Finally he asked if it was too late for them to walk down to the park.

"I'll get JoJo," Drew said. "You know, there's a storm coming after nightfall tonight."

"A storm? Really?" Her eyes tensed.

Drew smiled. They just might be up all night in the basement.

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