Monday, July 9, 2018

And I don't remember how we got this far

Was anybody even listening to him? Jordon thought Wren would be excited when he told her about performing at the farmer's market. This was big.

OK, so it might have been like panhandling. Cause, there was the donation factor, but he'd gotten permission. Sure, it wasn't exactly the crowd Jordon was looking for. At least, he didn't have the fear of being beaten up. He'd tried a couple of times in the old market, but the tourist looked at him funny and some old guy scared him to the point he packed up at left after thirty minutes on the street.

Jordon still wanted a band. He knew he should be more serious about this transition, but it was music that helped him get through it.

Also, he hated being alone. He really needed a new friend since Wren was now taken. It was all a bit heart wrenching since he thought he'd meant more to Wren.  A part of him, wanted to just find someone, but he couldn't go that route.

Instead, there was Lux who probably had more of a wild streak that Jordan. They'd been classmates during middle school, but then she fell in the wrong crowd when she met a biker. They had a kid and Jordon lost touch with her.

Recently, Jordon had seen Lux at the grocery store. They talked a bit. Jordon remembered Lux used to sing. They were in choir together. Although, it wasn't easy trying to talk a single mother into joining her band. At this rate it might never happen.

Funny, when Jordon saw Wren on the 4th, all she could about was Lux.

Finally, Jordon realized he was over Wren, but it didn't make it any easier with Lux. Especially, when Lux was in her own troubled world with a baby and a past that still wanted her, some of the time.

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