Wednesday, August 23, 2017



Draco found Lily and Brick soon enough.

He hated to see Charlie in a panic. He would have called Brick if he had his cell phone number. Just by chance he walked up to the old parking lot to find them eating snacks, after the big event.

"You're in trouble, little girl." Draco gave Lily a dead stare, but she laughed at him, anyway. "I'm serious." He hugged himself, and tilted his head with a slight sigh. "You're mom, might never forgive you for this."

She pressed her lips tight as if she did get the seriousness of it.

Draco cleared his throat. He plopped down next to her and stole a chip. "You two, will probably be grounded til Halloween," he said with a wince, as he ate another potato chip. "Possibly, til Christmas. Believe me, you freaked her out, pretty good. I hadn't heard her so mad, in a long time."

"Really?" Now Lily sounded concerned.

Draco nodded.

"Sorry." Brick managed to say as he kept his head down, ready for his punishment.

Draco couldn't  help but smile.

"Thanks," Draco said. "I'm glad you were with Lily." Still, they were in trouble. He needed to make the call to tell Charlie, he was on his way with Lily. Draco would take home Brick, too.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

totally in the dark

totally in the dark

"What?" Charlie thought her heart might falter when she heard the news from school. Lily was missing. She could hardly hear the school secretary's words. This couldn't be. Not Lily.

Charlie was on her way to lunch after her last class of the day at the nursing school. She'd just started back from having a week off. Of course, it hadn't been a vacation, by any means. She was busy getting the house in order. Going through winter clothes that Lily had out grown and looking for sales of what Lily would need to start the year.

She'd gotten Barry to clean out the garage, and they'd had a fairly decent garage sale over the weekend. Of course, this meant baking brownies and cupcakes to draw the crowd in.

Just when she'd been totally satisfied with a productive week, Lily went missing.

She rang Lily's cell immediately. Her heart was pumping as she listened to one ominous ring after another. Her face was in a sweat. Unsure what to do next. She punched in Lily's father on direct dial.

"Huh." He wasn't even at work due to the Solar Eclipse event. He figured she would be at home. "You had classes?"

"Lily isn't at school!" Charlie yelled into the phone.

"I'm sure she's OK." He said she was out looking at the eclipse.

Charlie sighed, not finding any of his humor in the situation. Lily had never done anything like this. She was a good student. She loved school.

"It'll be OK." Draco promised. "I'll look into it, and as soon as I find out something, I'll let you know."

But his comfort of words didn't set Charlie at ease. It wasn't easy being a mother. She was worried. There was so much anger in the world, these days. It was hard to put her trust in anything. Even now, the school had let her down.

All she wanted was for Lily to know how to take care of herself. She guessed this was the only way to find out.

Still, her chest ached at the thought that something bad had happened to her daughter during the Solar Eclipse.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Here comes the sun

Here Comes the Sun

Brick was rather proud of himself.

Yes, somehow, he'd gotten Lily out of school when she went to the bathroom before lunch. They'd planned it as well as a bank heist. No one had caught on yet....

They's sneaked off on their bikes to the best parking lot around, so they could catch the solar eclipse.

He'd gotten the official sun glasses back in early August at the library program with Gordy (who was kind enough to give him his pair since he'd be busy at school and back then Brick wanted the paper sunglasses for Rosie, but she was history now.)

He and Lily had their own adventure at Adventureland. Actually, he was too tired to tell his grandma about it, but while they were waiting for the epic roller-coaster ride, some high school boys tried to light Lily's beautiful blond locks on fire, out of boredom, no less.

Brick got those two thrown out of the amusement park for life. He was so mad, yet Lily was so proud of him. Yes, they got some free stuff, like a hat and a T-shirt and ice cream. It had been a splendid day of feats, and this would be another one.

He'd packed some snacks and soda pop so they would be ready for their journey, to the old K-Mart parking lot which was at one of the highest altitudes in town, overlooking the University .

Honestly, he wouldn't want to be anywhere else on this spectacular day, but with Lily.

She was a trooper. Definitely, no ordinary girl.

He thought of her as a fighter now. Even his equal. Still, she was special. She read books. She liked science and knew lots about math.

Yeah, she could even help him with middle school studies.

And..she liked to dance during fireworks. She could run fast. There was a zest in her smile. He couldn't really explain it, but it felt the purest when he was with her.

He sighed with happiness as they got ready for the big event.

He knew she would write about it in her journal, and Brick couldn't wait to read about it.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

in that dizzy head of hers

in that dizzy head of hers

Betty was dragging. Some mini-vacation it had been to Altoona and Adventureland. She was back at work at the court house annex, and Brick was back in school.

Even Gordy and Tiffany were in their new home. Guess who still owned it at Betty's?


He had not officially moved in with his mom and new Dad.

"They are still on their honeymoon." He was in no hurry to pack up and move down the street.

"But..but you're here all the time, as it is?" Thinking she had bigger things to worry about before her own mind went.  There was also her youngest Dewey to think about. It was his Senior year.

"Precisely." Brick agreed. Why did he need to move in down the street?

"Well..she..she needs you." Betty informed him. Although, Tiffany never needed him much before. Brick lived with her. She winced, thinking she was still Brick's guardian. Oh, it was a bit of a blur. They'd gone their rounds in the past.

Sometimes, Brick's mother wanted complete control of her child. Other times, she didn't..when she was without work or living from paycheck to paycheck.

Betty tried not to think about fighting it. This was suppose to be a happy time.

But there were those troubles. Wondering what her grandson Brick was really up, too.

Was he the good boy she'd raised? Or maybe he'd fooled her into thinking so. That smart smile of his could get away with anything.

She'd hate to think he was up to something with Doris' grand-daughter Lily.

They'd been awful quiet since their trip to Adventureland. What had exactly happened there?

Were they still so...

Oh, she didn't really know. She winced hard trying to focus on work at her cubical, but she could only stare so long at the computer screen.

Brick wouldn't have..have tried to do anything to Lily...would he?

She felt as if her chest would cave in, at the thought she'd raised a little beast. After all, his father was a real one. Always intoxicated and foaming at the mouth with a fowl language.

She clenched her teeth, thinking the worst.

Of course, she thought of her own childhood. She shook the thought. Yes, she'd known so much by the time she was Lily's age with a fellow who was about Brick's age.

She shut her eyes tight. Then shook her head.

Oh, she was going to have a long talk with Brick tonight.