Sunday, February 25, 2018

the here and now

the here and now

"OH MY GOD!" Holly's voice rang out through Natalie and Joon's apartment as she was on video chat with Natalie, who knew Joon could hear very clearly, even if he was in the bathroom. "YOU AND JOON."

"Why are you so surprised?" It made Natalie feel all the more bitter with her best friend.

"I dunno, I thought you'd find a genius ..or they'd find you." Holly winced.

Natalie was hurt that Holly didn't think that Joon was smart.

"He's not stupid." Natalie looked at her blankly.

"Oh, Nat, you look a little lost right now." Holly laughed. "How's the s e x?"

Natalie lost her smile. She gritted a smile and said, "Good." Holly didn't need to know about that.

"Yeah, right." Holly rolled her eyes. Holly shook her head and told her they didn't see eye to eye on anything. Especially s e x. "Look, I say you need to test the product before you buy it."

Natalie made a face of disgust.

"I'm just saying." Holly's smile was so broad and almost silly as she hugged her knees. "I really wanted to know what I was getting into with Dusty." She sighed. "I mean, he's pretty hot." She shrugged. "And..well, even bed." She laughed as if she had a secret no one else would ever know.

Natalie looked at her, wondering if she was wanting her to put on a show about Joon. She was not impressed.

"I'm pregnant." Holly whispered.

Natalie's eyes went intense and huge as if she was waiting for Holly to come right out of the phone.

"Shh." Holly put her finger on her lips. "I haven't told him yet." Her voice was so quiet, but she returned to giggling.

Natalie didn't know what to say.

"See, that's what happens when you have a lot of  s e x  and you forget." She smirked.

Natalie nodded with a smile, remembering how Holly prided herself about birth control. But Holly was married now. Things changed.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

I've never been here before

I've never been here before

"Cool." Kramer gave Ollie a pat on the back when he told him about his Native American roots.

"Gotta say, you're the first I've ever met. What tribe are you from?" Kramer wanted to know.

"I dunno." Ollie acted like he didn't want to be touched at the moment, but that didn't stop Kramer from giving him a hug.

They were taking a break at work in the diner. Kramer got himself some chili fries and cheese and Ollie stuck with a creamed coffee.

"You, need to eat." Kramer was certain he hadn't, so he did his best to share with him. Ollie took a cheesy fry.

"You're not all weird out, are you?" Kramer wanted to know. Ollie shrugged as if he didn't care, but Kramer knew he did.

"You, should be happy." Kramer told him. "Aren't you glad he told you?"

"Aw, but there is so much that he hasn't." Ollie looked restless as he cradled the cup of coffee. "He won't talk about my mother. I don't even know if she's dead or alive." He pressed his lips tight.

"Have you asked?" Kramer wanted to know. Ollie shook his head, no.

"I know, you two aren't very close, even if you live at the same house." Kramer understood. It was hard to get know family. Of course, he was certain he was no help in that area. Just then he got a text from Natalie. It surprised him so, that he sat up.

She'd moved in with Joon. Kramer winced hard.

"What?" Ollie looked at him as if the world might be on the verge of ending.

"Natalie moved in with Joon." He cracked a smile. "And she's inviting me over for dinner."

"Are you gonna bring your girlfriend?" Ollie asked.

"God," He hadn't thought of that. "Should I?"

Kramer wasn't sure he was ready for Natalie to interrogate Dara. However, he did live with Dara, who was far more sophisticated than any of his friends.

Friday, February 23, 2018

around and around we go

around and around we go

"I see." Ollie nodded when his Dad told him about Dewey's breakup.

"And..and he might think I'm sleeping with his Mom, too." His dad shrugged as he went to pour himself a cup of coffee.

Ollie squinted hard, watching his dad at home in Betty's kitchen. It was still her kitchen. Even Ollie felt he was just visiting. This wasn't really his home.

"Are you?" Ollie wanted to know how his dad wormed himself into being in the master bedroom, upstairs.

"Maybe." He shrugged again. "It's just..sleep, you know."

"Oh, really?" Ollie crossed his arms and was in a pout.

"Stop looking at me, like I'm some sort of Casanova." Those bedroom eyes of his dad must have been charming.

Ollie rolled his eyes and sighed.

"You, probably have a woman in every place, you visit." Ollie told him.

"It's not like that." His dad looked a little sad that Ollie would come to such a conclusion. His dad got out a package of mint cookies and pushed them on the table toward Ollie, as if he better eat before he said anything else he might regret.

"Yeah, right." Ollie looked his dad over, as if he couldn't hide anymore secrets from him.

"Stop, trying to figure me out." He sat down at the kitchen table and sipped his black coffee. "I've never been that lucky." He said he never was a good provider. "I'm sorry about that. I wanted help you..and the best way I knew how..was to hope you'd find great parents."

A lump of emotion wedged in Ollie's throat. He knew he'd be crying any second. If only he could hug him, but it was impossible. His dad didn't give hugs. It would be awkward.

"I'm sorry that didn't happen." He told him. "Maybe..maybe..that's what my mom thought too ..and well, no one was taking in half-breeds at the time."

"What?" Ollie didn't know to laugh or cry. He sat down at the table across from his father. "What are, you, talking about?"

"Um, if..if my father's people would have taken me. I might have grown up on a reservation near the badlands." His dad said, but he wouldn't look at Ollie.

Now his dad had his attention. This was freaking him out. Ollie did his best to stay calm. All this time, he imagined his ancestors being from a faraway land, not right here in the states.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

just girl talk

just girl talk

Angie was certain she needed to break it off with Dewey before she became cruel. Why was she like this?

It felt odd to be so bitter. This was not suppose to be happening. But the more she thought of the wait of how long it would really take to actually be with Dewey, it consumed her with anger. And she didn't want him to see that side of her.

Perhaps she hated him as much as she loved him. Oh, it was getting old. It was making Senior year impossible. These were suppose to be the best days of her life and here she was worried about her future with him.

She'd given it up in a blink of an eye on the most romantic night of the year. Still, it was a lot to contemplate as she sat her with a mug of coffee on a cold winter's afternoon at the bakery.

"Are you sure you don't want a sugar cookie?" The girl who worked there brought her heart shaped cookies. "They're free."

She didn't want to take one, but she grabbed it and took a bite.

"You're Dewey's girlfriend, aren't you?" She smiled. The dining area was empty she took a seat across from her.

"How? How do you know, Dewey?" Angie winced.

"Oh, I haven't really met him," she said. "But my boyfriend lives at his house."

Angie nodded. She'd seen the girl at school, yet she didn't really know who she was talking about.

The girl introduced herself. Her name was Valentina, and she was a freshman in high school. She sounded so impressed with Angie, being a senior. It was as if the girl found her to be a role model, of some sort.

Angie could hardly stand to listen to her happy chat. She remained even lipped, perhaps ice cold. She wanted the teen to shut up. She had no idea what Angie had gone through the last four years.

She thought of how love sick she'd been at Valentina's age. How she'd swooned over someone named Max. Now that guy had two kids and still hadn't married his fiancee. Angie was beginning to think she didn't have good judgement, when it came to guys. How come everyone found happiness sooner, than she did?

"So you really think you're in love?" Angie found herself asking.

"Um.." Valentina nodded. "He..he's always made me feel safe. Its like an adventure, you know." She smiled. "I like doing..nothing with him."

It sounded so simple. Angie winced more wondering if she'd been that way, too. She was certain she'd felt that way. Usually, when it was unrequited. But now, college bound, she'd realized that wasn't nearly enough. She'd hate to burst Valentina's bubble, but Angie knew Valentina was only going through a phase.