Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ellie and Lisa have never been best friends, but they are still sisters. Of course, Lisa feels Ellie has no idea what she's going through. Especially, with twins. But even so, she's always felt Ellie never knew how it was to be her.

It was always hard for her to make friends. And then she never felt quite up to standard with her boyfriends, either. She thought Rex was just too much into himself, perhaps. Maybe abusive. She would never tell. She wished things could have been different. Perhaps it was her fault. It made her sad just the same. And then she met Geo, who wasn't quite like anyone she'd met before. Smart, but perhaps not your hardest worker. But she felt comfortable around him, and before she knew it, she wanted to be with him. She had to be with him. He was the only thing that mattered.

Of course, she feels bad now that perhaps she wasn't there for Ellie when she needed her the most. Now she doesn't think about it. She has her own life with her own family. And it feels good to be a Mom without any-one's help. Well, maybe she had a little help in the beginning from her Mom and even her brother, Ben that she never knew, wanted to help too.

Maybe Lisa is finally coming in to her own, but really she's getting along fine, and she likes it that way.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-It would be good if Lisa and Ellie can bond more now they are both older.

sid and violet said...

Oh, Lisa..what a sister.

em said...

oh yes a new update:)



Thanks so much for passing by!!!

and the girl from the pic is so cool!! Did you see her at the movie "Into the wild"? She is gorgeous there!

kisses and hugs,
see you!!

ellie said...

I'd always pictured Kristen Stewart as Ellie's sister from the get go. A bit angst and misunderstood...and of course, blonde.

Ivyoaks said... could I forget her.