Thursday, June 4, 2009

are we human

"Did Ellie mention anything to you?" Roger was on his cell with Kyle while he was trying to get some sort of order in the kitchen. He'd left it in a mess. Not knowing what he was hungry for which meant frozen dinners that were half eaten and popcorn about, among a few cans of ravioli and spaghettios.

"Like when?" Kyle was a bit vague, but really he'd been a bit vague on everything with Roger for quite a while now.

"You know, when she went to see Ben and Lonnie. Did she tell you about someone she met?" Roger poured some bleach in the sink to tidy it up a bit. At least it smelled clean in the kitchen now even if it was a bit over powering. He just needed to mop the floor.


"Oh what?"


"Some help you are, my friend," Roger just sighed. "So Amanda still there?"

"Yeap." It was just one words lately with Kyle.

"You made up then?"


"What gives with you two, anyway? On again, off again. Why?" He got the mop and started cleaning the floor as quickly as he could, waltzing around as if the mop was his only friend.

"Rosie." There daughter who would be a year old come August.

"Is Amanda seeing anyone?" Roger figured Kyle would know.

"Don't think so. She's kind of busy. She's going on tour with this choir in Europe. She has a four year scholarship, you know." Kyle then told him.


"It was all work, really. She put her heart and soul into it."

"Yeah, I know." Roger hated to hear stuff like that since he never had it in him to go the distance when it came to academics still he planned on majoring in drama. "So how ya been?"

"Well, I've been playing with Rosie a good bit," he sounded like an old man to Roger. "I'm suppose to be working with the lighting for Shakespeare on the Green, soon. Then in July I'm taking off to Utah to help with some theater stuff out there."

"You're not even an actor." Roger didn't get how Kyle found these opportunities and always got paid.

"Tell me about it."

"Ellie says she met someone." Roger then told him. "I was hoping it was just a dog, but I think its human."

"Oh really," Kyle chuckled. "You OK with that?"

"Not really, but I guess I have to be." Roger shrugged.

"I know you love her." Kyle laid out the truth.

"So." He had an ache in his throat when he thought about that. "Just shut up about it."


Liz said...

Yeah, poor Orion. xD

Thanks, and I believe Cady started stories on ficwad. I can get the url for you if you want. =] That would be pretty interesting, huh? lol

Anonymous said...

Aw, I feel bad about Roger, glad to hear about Kyle:)

Shadow Gunslinger said...

Gosh, poor Roger. Kyle shouldn't have said that.

dapper kid said...

Yikes, a bit too blunt from Kyle. Although Kyle sounds completely drained these days. Cliched, but like butter spread too thin.

Cady said...

I like the new direction of this. Can't wait for more.

cait said...

so now we know how Roger feels about her. oh boy...