Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ellie's friend from middle school. He's a grade or so behind her. They became closer while her Mom was away. Perhaps too close.

She's had conflicting feelings for him, knowing they could be a lot more than friends, but there is the 'age' factor to consider. She's not sure if he's actually over his girlfriend or not. She's not sure if she likes all his little habits, either.

They haven't been the same since he found out what she did with Rex.

Unfortunately, he's a mystery to her. And now he's her new step-brother. He's also about to become a teenage father. His girlfriend Amanda is going to have a baby. Things just keep evolving.

He's now a teenage father, and he's determained to be the best he can be even if his relationship with his daughter's mother is a bit rocky.


Raigan said...

oh my gosh im freaking out kyle got even more adorable!!!
i want to be his baby mama!!!

haha no totally totally joking :)


Cait said...

I love this..he's so grownup now!