Sunday, March 30, 2008


He's the neighbor guy that Ellie has known since she was in elementary school. She knows him too well.

She always though she knew what made Roger tick. Popularity. He always wanted to be popular, but now she's not so sure anymore. Ellie isn't so sure if she knows Roger at all anymore.

Things have changed since Cory kissed Roger. At first he was pretty sure it was wrong. Completely. Yet, he couldn't stop thinking about Cory. And he's been depressed. Even in cognito. Alone. But he's noticed Cory hasn't quite been the same either after that kiss.

They finally made up. It could be perfect. But not quite yet.

Their relationship seemed it would last forever, but Cory broke up with Roger when he graduated high school. Roger had one more year of high school while Cory went off to college.

Now Roger has found he has feelings for Olivia. And so things have changed quite a bit for him. And yet, he feels being with Olivia is the right move.

Unfortunately, they broke up after being together almost a year. Olivia found Ravi who is the new roommate. They became friends when she got sick. Finally, she ended it with Roger and moved in with Ravi.

Now Roger has met Doyle. They met at a concert, accidently. Doyle is an old friend of Amanda's but Roger doesn't know that.


ellie said...

Hopefully, I will not be changing Roger around. I'll stick with this one. Who has changed. He's made a few changes.

Cait said...

I think he'll make an interesting Roger.

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autumn said...

he's cute. ^^