Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dinner is served

Roger looked around at everyone at the table thinking it just might be the four of them this summer. Damn, if Lon couldn't make a good fajita too. That got to Roger, but he ate because he was hungry.

"Maybe we could try to find a time we can all eat together. Once a week or something," Lon suggested.

"I never know my schedule." Roger shrugged.

"We'll play it by ear." Lon shrugged back.

"I like that," Ellie agreed. She nibbled at her rolled tortilla.

"Ellie had a bad dream," Roger then smirked.

"Really?" Lon smiled then dipping a chip into fresh salsa he'd made.

"It was nothing." Ellie looked at Roger that this would be a good time for him to shut up.

"That must have been freaky, I mean, you know, you weren't asleep that long," Olivia looked at her.

"It was just stupid." She closed her eyes and wished she didn't have to wonder what had happened to Leia. She shook her head.

"Who was in it?" Olivia wanted to know.

"It was a wolf," she lied. "It was chasing me." End of story.

"Are you sure?" Roger looked at her.

"Yes, it was a stupid dream." Ellie sighed. "Anyway, I didn't have to cook dinner, obviously." She touched Lon's hand. "Thanks, it's really spicy."

"Wish we'd had avocados." Lon nodded.

"You spicy devil," Roger smirked. He hoped they wouldn't kiss. He looked at Olivia then. He kept staring at her. He didn't want to watch.


cait said...

Thanks for the note..you spicy devil...hahahaa..that was cute.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Is Roger trying to stir trouble? It seems like it!!

Anonymous said...

Haha the spicy devil part made me laugh:)

Winnie said...

Haha, I loved this...and yum avocados!

past the point said...

Roger is a scene stealer. Love him.

cady said...

I liked the dream lie. Classic.
And of course "spicy devil" was hilarious.