Wednesday, June 24, 2009

craving what you can't have

Olivia didn't want to bring it up, but a part of her was getting a bit peeved with Roger and all his snide remarks to Lon. And then it hit her a few days later when she could have been picturing how to reconstruct a blouse she'd found at the thrift store... Roger had a crush on Lon.

It made her laugh at first. Then she seriously thought about it. Well, this was not good. Lon might be pretty upset if he knew. But that was why Roger was acting the way he was. He had to keep acting that way. That was it. What a butthead, she thought.

"No, that's not it." Roger rolled his eyes when she brought that up at their next little outing to the foreign movie. They were going to see Love Songs, a French movie.

"Of course, that's it." She winced.

"But its not." He looked at her, pouting a bit. "He's not that hawt."

"Yes, he is that hawt." She nodded.

Roger just gave her scowl.

"I like them together." She sighed. "You know he likes her. And you can see it on her face how she feels about him."

"Yeah, right." He hugged himself then as he sat there next to her in the theater. She was holding the bucket of buttered popcorn. Olivia was pretty sure he'd lost his appetite. "Maybe," he then said. "Maybe I just want what they have." He looked quite sad as the lights dimmed.

"Cheer up." She popped some popcorn in his mouth then. "You never know when it might happen to you, and you can't watch for it. Its like waiting for water to boil."

"You never had that problem." He shrugged.

"You're a silly boy." She laughed, yet she could tell her throat was raw. She instantly felt like crying, yet not wanting to mention her breakup with Eric. She had to be brave. Maybe this was her summer to change. Yes, she was tired of being the same old Olivia that everyone expected.


cait said...

I like what Olivia told Roger. I liked her thoughts on the matter.

So bitter sweet.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-so thats why Rogers being like he is-his turn will come!!

cady said...

Ah, Roger.
I still feel bad for Olivia, but she seems wiser now.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad about Olivia and the breakup.

dapper kid said...

Aww poor Olivia. I suppose keeping that front shows her strength though. And I guess Roger will get that kind of relationship soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. And I agree, boys are easier to be friends with than girls.