Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a language all its own

Lon went back to their room. He hadn't exactly tidied up since Ellie left. Naturally, he hadn't wanted her to leave him stranded here on an island of sorts. Of course, he'd made the most of it for the moment when she was there. He couldn't help but think about it as he made the bed now. He got a sense that maybe every morning could be that good. Maybe.

He went back to the lap top then and pulled on his wire rim glasses and took another go at the Spanish novel. This might take a year off his eyes if he didn't watch it. But of course, he thought of Ellie then. Her lips. How happy she could look at him, and it was a sensation that stayed with him even now as he began to type words. Figuring out letters. Sentences in a romantic language about someone else's life. He so wanted to do this for her. He could. He just needed to keep typing. It would be great to see what she thought when she came home. So he kept going, not thinking of the hours that went by.

The next thing he knew she was there with lunch from Sonic.

"Do you know what time it is?" She tried to take a peak at the laptop, but he shut it.

"I haven't looked."

"Its after one o'clock." She told him.

"You're home for the day then?" He perked up once she handed over the cherry limeade. He thanked her with a kiss. For a moment, he forgot he was even hungry.

"I said I'd go back for a couple of hours." She shrugged handing him over the mustard burger. She remembered his favorite.

"Need any help?" She'd just gotten here. He so wanted to be with her. Possibly take a breather and get outside for a while.

"Maybe." She shrugged sipping on her drink.

"Really?" He grinned more. Seriously, he needed to get up and do something. "Aren't you putting in more than your four hours then?"

"Unfortunately, yes." She sighed and they ate then.

"I need some things." He finally admitted, not knowing where to go. But some breifs would be nice.

"We'll go shopping tonight."

"All right." He wolfed down the rest of the burger and slipped into his white T. "You might get tired of me, wearing the same old thing."

"I don't think so," Ellie laughed watching him slip into his sneakers. He looked back at her, hoping he wouldn't be in the way this afternoon. Really, he just wanted know who was writing this naughty Spanish novel. There might be a lot more sex in it than Ellie would ever know.


Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad he's helping her. That novel sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

That's sweet of Lon to do this for Ellie.

cady said...

Lon seems nice.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah I watched it, though I practically started shouting at the tv, Cappie needs to be with Casey.

blue hearts said...

I think Lon is good for Ellie.