Wednesday, June 10, 2009

moving on

Roger wasn't sure how to discuss this with Olivia. It was just a fluke he got her to go shopping with him. They were at the Dollar Tree walking about hoping something would catch their eye.

"I love these clear glass tea cups." She picked up one and took a good long look at it and handed it to Roger. "Maybe you could put a little basket of goodies together for Ellie and this, this cowboy of hers for a little welcome home something."

"No." He put it back on the shelf.

"You have to accept the fact that she's not your girlfriend." She stared at him then.

"I never said that." He blinked.

"You act like it." Olivia sighed and picked up a glass ice cream dish next. She showed it to him. Roger shook his head.

"She hardly knows this guy, you know." He kept saying it again and again. He couldn't stop himself. "I need for you to be my new best friend. Can't you move in? Please."

"No." She looked at him out of the corner of her eye. "For starters we wouldn't be best friends if I did. OK." She hugged herself then. "I have free room and board with my Aunt,"

"Its Ellie, isn't it?" Roger nodded.

"It has nothing to do with Ellie." She shook her head.

"Then its Eric." Roger was sure of it.

"No. Its not. I just told you what it was." She sighed. "You have to give it up."

"You don't even see Eric anymore, do you?" Roger found himself going back to the glass cups and picking two up then to put in his basket. He got another one for himself. Then another to give to Olivia later. After all, he'd decided she was his best friend now. Not Ellie.

"He's out of the country." She shrugged. "He writes."

"But you're not seeing him, right?"

"Not now."

That perked Roger up. He needed to have someone to do things with. It definitely wouldn't be with Ellie. Suddenly, she wasn't all that fun, anymore. She had her cowboy now.

"So you'd be free for the foreign film coming up at the Modern Language club?"

"I guess."

"Please say you'll go. Please." He was going to work on this moving in thing. He'd get to her, one way or another. She didn't have Eric around. It could be good. He'd show her how a best friend should be.


Anonymous said...

So Eric is out of the country, cool. I like seeing the old characters come back, it makes me smile:)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I agree its good to hear where everyone is at, lets hope Olivia and Roger become closer as best friends too.

simon and josh said...

I like that Olivia and Roger are doing things together.

Cait said...

Oh..what a pair they make. I liked this one.

Cady said...

Haha. I like how he just suddenly picks her to be his new best friend.

Winnie said...

Aw, this was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I actually had the idea for the summer story from a birthday party, it is based after some things my friends and I, not exactly the storyline, but the personality. For Saint Gerard's, I just promised a friend I'd try to write more. While the story of a person is just things have changed, with a new cast, I am just trying to make sense of it. Thanks for the advice:)