Thursday, June 11, 2009


"So just what are you doing with her, exactly?"

Lon wasn't sure he had an answer for Jay. And why did he have to call, right now? Really? It was his first chance to be alone. No one in the house. Perfect time to do that bodily funtion that he kept putting off. He needed a shit.

"Not a thing," Lon winced, "Nothing."

"Yeah, right. Like I believe that." Jay wouldn't. They told each other just about everything and anything. It was just... Jay didn't make phone calls. Usually, Lon called Jay. But he hadn't shown up for work and Ben called Jay so Lon got the call.

"You know, he's furious with you." Jay told him.

"I know. He said so. I believe him." What more could Lon say on the sore subject that Ben felt he'd taken his sister.

"So you had sex with her?" Jay asked point blank.

Lon didn't want to talk about that. It was hard to explain.

"We're getting there." Enough said. There were a few things he wanted to be comfortable with. Like farting. "I see her every day, you know."


"And, you know." Lon shut his eyes tight. He didn't want to talk about it. Actually, it was rather a shot in the dark. Quick and painless, the first night they met. It was just sex. Now, he wanted it to be something else.

"Lon, this is crazy. I think you could be on a bender of some kind?"

"A bender?" What the hell was that suppose to mean? "I'm not drunk."

"Maybe you are."

"I don't drink, anymore." Lon pulled a face then.

"The point is, don't do anything stupid. All right?" It felt like Jay's final warning. Lon hoped it was.

"All right." He hung up on Jay.

Lon shut the bathroom door and locked it. Finally, some time to himself. He hoped he could find the air freshner.


simon n josh said...

Hopefully, he won't make himself sick over all of this.

Cady said...

This was so funny. I like Jay.

the oaks said...

Honestly, it makes me think of someone I know. He's like that too.

dapper kid said...

Hahaha, why can't he go to the toilet when others are in the house?! That can't be healthy lol. And I do wonder how far his relationship will progress, and if he really does want it.

sid and violet said...

I think I might know who O is talking about.heheee...

blue hearts said...

This was funny, but I feel bad for Lon too.

Anonymous said...

haha, lon's funny:)