Friday, June 12, 2009

as it was

Ellie wanted to take Amanda's call, but she couldn't. She was right in the middle with a meeting with the professor she'd be working for, Lydia, a rather distinctive woman with a thick gray braid, was boring her with so many specifics. As it was Ellie wasn't sure she could make heads or tales out of what the professor exactly wanted, Ellie just kept following her through her huge house. Finally, she managed into the writer's den that was completely cluttered. No doubt, Lydia needed help. Ellie couldn't imagine where to start.

"Don't throw anything, away." She informed her.

"Right," Ellie nodded writing it in huge letters on her note pad KEEP EVERYTHING.

"And I need you to type these up to send to Barcelona," She handed her a thick folder of hand written pages. "Its my novel. Guard it with your life."

Ellie gulped. It was in Spanish too.

"Well, I could get this started-"

"Oh, take your time," Lydia smiled, sweetly. Ellie thought she might have a heart failure if she wanted it done by tomorrow.

"I'll see what I can do." She hoped she didn't want her to take home, work. Her summer class would be starting up soon.

Ellie did her best to figure out when she needed to come over. She'd be over at one and work til five Monday through Friday. But as she carried around the folder, Ellie wondered if she'd be typing most of her time away. And when Lydia pointed out the old manual type writer in the corner for her to use, Ellie froze. She had to be kidding, she had too, but Ellie didn't think so.

Ellie kept smiling after she left their little meeting. Yeah, it definitely looked like she'd be taking the novel home to type into her lap top hoping she could decipher Lydia's hand writing.

"I think I might have fallen into a nightmare." She said into her cell to Amanda once she was on her way home. "Why did I agree to this job? Why am I doing this for my Mom?"

"Because you couldn't say, no." Amanda told her.

"Look, I really want to see you before you go," Ellie told her on her walk home. "Its just I'm not sure I'm really ready to bring home, someone."

"Are you telling me, you have a secret?" Ellie could feel Amanda's smile from here.

"OK, I guess." She squinted then when she thought of Lon. She couldn't help but smile all over.

"What happened to you?"

"I brought home someone from Texas." Ellie finally admitted.

"Lonnie?" Amanda screamed through the phone.

"No, his brother."

"Lonnie has a brother?"



"He's older. He's twenty-one." Ellie explained.

"You just brought home a twenty-one year old!" Amanda was shouting again. "What are your parents going to think?"

"I dunno." She sighed. Ellie looked at the folder she carried. Ugh. Really, she was going to have to think these things through more. She guessed. But as it was, it didn't look like she had the time to think.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Ellie is one impulsive gal!! Hope her parents get along with Lon!

Cady said...

Sounds like she's got her work cut out for her.

And thanks for thinking of me. :)

the oaks said...

Yikes..I hope she's getting paid extra.

cait said...

At least Amanda knows now.

simon n josh said...

I sure wouldn't want to type up those pages.

Anonymous said...

so she has to translate the pages?

ellie said...

she just has to type them in spanish..which isn't much fun on an old typewriter.

past the point of love said...

catching up with amanda..sort of.