Saturday, June 13, 2009

the thought of it

The doorbell rang.

Lon stood still by the dryer. He was waiting for his jeans to dry. He was just in his briefs. It felt like the most awkward two minutes he'd ever spent. The doorbell rang again. He jerked his jeans out of the dryer and put them on. They were fresh and warm so was his white T-shirt. He leaped up the stairwell, barefooted and answered the door.

"Who are you?" The woman gave him a stare as if she would call 911, immediately.

"Oh, uh-" There was no point in even trying to be cool about it. After all, he was the only one home. He pointed, kind of toward the basement. "Roommate. I'm the-the new roommate."

"Oh." She smiled, gave him handshake then and came right in. "Ellie must have been surprised."
"Kind of." Lon just smiled, scratching his forehead. God, why hadn't he thought about Ellie's mother until now. "Actually, I'm a friend of Ben's."

"Ben's?" Now she looked puzzled.

"Yeah, I uh," Lon sighed. "Thought I'd come up here and see if I can take a few classes this summer. Hear they have an awesome animal science program here." He smiled then thinking that was about the best story he'd come up with in quite a while. But would she buy it? "It was a surprise to Ellie, too. Sorry, she hadn't had a chance to tell you. She's um, at work, right now."

"Already?" Her mother squinted as she unloaded a bag of goodies on the kitchen table then. "I swear she never calls me, and I refuse to call her everyday."

"Yeah, I dunno if they'll know what to do with themselves back home since I'm not around." Lon fidgeted as he rubbed his cheek wondering if her mother thought he needed a shave. Why did he say that, he thought. They seriously weren't worried. They couldn't be.

"How about I make some iced tea?" He offered then, wondering just how long he'd be alone having to entertain Ellie's Mom.


Winnie said...

Oh this could be quite awkward! Also...I love putting on clothes after they've come out the warm!

the oaks said...

that would be definitely awkwards. & just what kind of liar is Lon?

Ivyoaks said...

warm clothes from the dryer help any situation.

Cady said...

Helloooo, awkward.

This one made me really like Lon.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was awkward, and I do agree about the playradioplay song and Taylor's and I did find some connections and the only real question is: Does Taylor listen to PlayRadioPlay! or has ever heard a song by them. I actually found a way she could have though.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-lets hope Lon can get Ellies mum on side, it will make it easier for Ellie then too. Thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes and have a great weekend!

Cait said...

This will be interesting to see where it goes.

Anonymous said...

ha yeah, thanks. But All the characters are different from the real people, but the person who portrays Tess has a tendency to like her friends' older brothers.