Sunday, June 14, 2009

one little secret after another

Ellie thought she was going to choke when she saw her mother with Lon. She felt quite startled, in fact. They were enjoying iced tea and some fresh strawberries her mother had brought.

"So just how long were you going to keep this a secret from me?" Her mother beamed. Ellie beamed right back, wondering what secret?

"Oh, oh, I wasn't." Ellie's eyes lit. Lon shot her a look though, not to say too much. "What are you doing here?"

"I knew you were back and I decided not to wait until you called. I thought you might need a few things." Her mother thought she never had enough hair conditioner nor towels and wash clothes.

"Thanks," Ellie noticed the supplies on the kitchen table. Her mother had brought her new undies, bras too. Ellie's smile fell, wishing Lon didn't have to see that.

Naturally, her mother wanted to know how it was going with Lydia. All Ellie could manage was "Fine." But it felt like it took four more hours later before her Mom could understand that. They went out to eat with Lon and to Wal-mart and even Target before her mother said her good-byes.

"What did you do to her?" Ellie said to Lon as soon as her mother left. "She hates all my boyfriends."

"Maybe, it has to do that she doesn't know- I'm your boyfriend." Lon just grinned with a shrug.

Ellie couldn't help but let a laugh slip. This had turned out better than she ever expected. Her mother wanted a guy around. A real guy. Unlike Roger, who evidently wasn't, in her mother's eyes.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-so Lon and Ellie are officially an item then?

dapper kid said...

Haha, so what did Lon tell her mother then? It's nice to see that Ellie's mother is looking out for it, even if it is a bit awkward!

past the point of love said...

Interesting how her Mom is about her boyfriends.

simon n josh said...

That would have been a shock to come home too. hmmm..funny about the boyfriend. Another little surprise.

Cait said...

interesting about the boyfriend thing..coming up.

cady said...

I feel for her about the whole Mom thing. Annoying as hell.