Wednesday, July 22, 2009

award-its all about me.

The wonder Sharon honored me! Thank you so much.
Just what can I tell you about me. Thankfully, only 7 things.
1. I pull from inspiration everywhere when I write. The storylines come from friends, strangers, pictures...anywhere.
2. I have a cat. His name is Butcher and he likes to watch the computer screen when he can & he likes Doritos.
3. I love BBQ Fritos. But I try to rarely ever eat them because I know they aren't good for you.
4. I like to crochet mostly hats.
5. I like to remake old clothes. As of yet, I yearn to turn old sheets into a quilt,and make a beautiful apron.
6. I love lavender hearts.
7. I live in the heartland of America.
I'm just not up to passing this award to anyone since its summer and most are out on trips or vacations. So if you'd be up for this award. Then go for it.


cait said...

sweet! Love the new header too!

blue hearts said...