Thursday, July 23, 2009

how we do

Don't need a reason to
Do the things that I do
No need to impress you
Just wanna undress you

I really love your shoes
You still kick Kangaroos
And the way you comb your hair
Like it's 1982
I don't live to break the rules
I just want to make you drool
'Cause baby I come equipped
With every kind of tool

A midnight interlude
I'll lick your attitude
Until your face turns blue
Until your face turns blue

Why don't we behave the way we 'supposed to?

Ah, you know how we do
You know how we do
You know how we do
This is how we do

No need to bite my lip
I'd rather bite your hip
And make our muscles slip
Sit back and watch us requisite

Drink juice through conduit
Just for the hell of it
Turn your dry ice machine on
'Cause I like the smell of it

Don't make a special trip
While were here in the mix
'Cause baby this is nasty
As it's ever gonna get

Sometimes it's slow
Sometimes it's quick
Sometimes it takes forever
And forever takes the most of it

Ah, you know how we do
You know how we do
You know how we do
This is how we do -
mount sims

This was the way Roger liked it. Living the music, and he was with Olivia. And it was fun. Totally, a laugh as far as he was concerned. He got out there and danced, and he was with Olivia and really it didn't matter how anyone might feel about it. Possibly he was a little annoying with all those moves, but so what. So what.

He got Olivia lost into the music too, and they owned that dance floor.

There was a lot he didn't have problems with. For starters, he never had to second guess what Olivia said. No need for notes and signing or the like. He was there. Unlike Eric who didn't seem to know half the time if he were enjoying Olivia's company or offending her.

No, this was togetherness as far as Roger was concerned, and somehow he felt for sure now he was the better boyfriend. OK, better lover. That made him smile more. Because it thrilled him to know, he'd made a claim that Eric had had plenty of time to stake. He couldn't stop laughing about that on the inside.

Roger felt like a very bad boy, and he was enjoying every second of it with Olivia.


simon n josh said...

cool song! & wow, Roger is well, pretty happy about Olivia..I suppose.

the oaks said...

sweet header! roger is really having a good time.

past the point said...

Roger seems to think he's the better guy than Eric.

fan fic said...

the coolest mount sims song..oh that Roger.

Sharon Rose said...

Hope they stay together for a good while to come!!

Cait said...

I so love mount sims!

Winnie said...

I love it when you're completely lost in the music with your friends. Some gigs have stayed with me for so long because of this.