Friday, July 24, 2009

disappearing in your room

Olivia's ears were still muffled from all the noise.

"Were we there for 4 hours?" She winced sitting in the booth at Village Inn waiting for her French Silk pie that she was going to share with Roger.

"Really? It didn't feel that way to me?" He shrugged reeking of sweat and Axe cologne that she was used too. She smelled of him. It was a bit overwhelming, but she was becoming accustomed to it.

"It was definitely 4 hours." Ellie nodded.

"4 hours I'll never get back," Lon stared at Roger.

"Hey, you know you loved the moshing just as much as I did." Roger smirked back.

"I thought I was going to lose Ellie to the Great Ape, wise ass." Lon grumbled then as he nursed his coffee that he kept saying he wasn't going to drink because he needed sleep.

"I still can't believe we didn't go to the fireworks," Ellie sighed.

"I forgot, OK?" Roger glared at her.

Olivia took his hand to try to keep the peace. She squeezed it gently.

"It was fun." Olivia kept her smile even though she was tired, and she wondered how wound up Roger would be before he'd even think about sleep.

Thankfully, the pie came and Olivia took a few bites, imaging what she might hear from her father tomorrow on the phone or even in person. She lost her appetite quickly. Roger ate up what was left, but he wanted her to lick the whip cream from his fingers.

She was a little embarrassed. She noticed Ellie look away. Olivia sighed wondering if the night would ever come to a close even if it were in the wee hours of morning.

Soon Ellie drove them home, and they went to their separate rooms. It felt a tad awkward to Olivia, wanting to ask, "What are you two going to do?" Probably not read the morning paper. She followed Roger who was all giddy and still silly. She imagined him jumping on the bed and performing something for her from West Side Story.

Thank God he didn't.

She went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth. He did too as if she'd asked him too.

"Lets take a shower," he then suggested.

This sounded like the perfect idea. He did need a shower. Most definitely. Evidently, she did too since she'd been under his arm practically every moment.

She nodded.

He had the shower turned on and his clothes shucked in no time. She supposed they were to do this together. This was so natural to him, and she wanted it to be natural to her too, but it wasn't. She wasn't used to these sort of things. Only when she was alone. Was she really ready to let him know how she didn't like to wear a bra? And how sometimes, she felt comfortable just in her bikinis, for no apparent reason. Other than the fact she was alone in her room.

He just helped her right out of everything as if it wasn't going to be any fun if he did this solo. And he gazed at her under the florescent lighting. She put her arms around herself, but he leaned in, and he kissed her. His fingers slid down her tiny waist. The small of her back.

She kept her eyes closed as she went under the warm water. Really, it was like breathing in the world so differently now. It was the last thing she expected.


dapper kid said...

Ooh they're getting to that stage where they are starting to get comfortable with one another, how nice. And that late night meal seemed a tad awkward lol.

blue hearts said...

Definitely looks like things are going to have their own little way about everything.

Audrey said...

I just found your site and I am fully intrested in what you are doing. YOu are writing a story through posts correct?

BY the way, you are a fabulous writer.

cait said...

I liked this scene. sweet.

justkyut said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Sorry if I'm not able to get back with you I'm sort of busy, you know... keep on writing. tc!

simon n josh said...

I think Roger really likes these moments..yeah! so do I!