Tuesday, July 21, 2009

getting the grove back

"I thought you said we were all going out together," Lon caught Roger and Olivia going out the front door.

"I say a lot of things," Roger shrugged.

"No, you sounded like this was really important," Lon reminded him. "And if I were you, stop using that line about saying a lot of things." He looked at Olivia and beamed with a smile. "Let me drive so you can have the whole back seat with Roger."

Olivia gave him the keys. Ellie kept her arms crossed. They all went to the car then.

"Where are we going?" Lon looked in the rear-view mirror at Roger. "I don't know exactly where the Underground is?"

Roger just sighed and put his arm around Olivia.

"I know where it is," Ellie said. So she gave him directions to the concert hall that wasn't so far from the house yet toward the older side of town even if they were in the old part of town.

"Guess who I saw?" Ellie looked back at Roger then.

"I could care less." Roger was being angst and wouldn't even look at Ellie instead he played with Olivia's hair, putting a strand behind her ear and whispering something to her which only made her smile.

"I saw Cory." Ellie just said and turned around as if she would not say another word to him.

Olivia looked at Roger then. His smile fainted a little, but he hugged her closer. Lon drove on toward the parked cars. Suddenly he found a parking place going up the street he was going down. The car screeched. He took a quick 360 turn, edging in.

"There." He smiled. "Now it won't be so far to walk back."


the oaks said...

wooo...about getting the parking space.

Cait said...

I have to wonder about how much fun there will be there.

Raigan said...

oh my have i missed so much, i'm orry about that!

well i made a new blog, and it'd be pretty cool if u checked it out haha

the story has evolved soooo much but im still in love with it!


e.l. said...

Its so good to hear from your Raigan.

Raigan said...

when i read your comment i nearly screamed because i'm really excited that you know who he is!!!! fucking rad!!!! hahaha it was total and complete luck, we were ralking to get in line cause doors were about to open and we went down some street and i saw dennison and i was like "oh sweet" then all of a sudden BAM christofer drew is in my path!!! I almost died, right then and there!!!! So of course i was like "oh my gosh hi!!!!" all spaztically and he smiiiiiiiled at me and then i asked if we could get a picture and he was like "of course my friend!!!!" it was the sweetest!!!!!

and then after the show my goodness that was the best! i had to go early cause i had school the next morning so i left into boys like girls cause they're kind of creepy haha and we walked by the bus and he was all chill with his hard lemonade and what not and i told him the show was really great and he gave me like 5 great big hugs :) he's just as much of a sweetheart as u would assume from his myspace

why the hell am i telling u this? haha i feel like such a creepy little fan girl....but hey i just get excited when i find people who share some of musical interest :)

thank you for being wonderful


blue hearts said...

That was some turn there..Lon made. Hahahaaa.

past the point said...

fun to wonder what's next.

Anonymous said...

It seems that he would do that...