Thursday, July 2, 2009

it couldn't be that funny

Roger was mad, but he wasn't sure just what he was mad about. Perhaps it was the way Lon played with TI. He did have a good time rough housing with him.

"You're making my cat mean," Roger started.

"Am I?" Lon was relaxing on the couch watching TV. He'd been mowing all day. He was just out of the shower, relaxing with a cold Sobe.

"He's awful now, and its all your fault!" Roger was bitter.

Lon said nothing but kept watching the TV as if Roger would go away.

Something was not right, but he didn't know what. He was just sick of everything. He hated his job. He hated how his summer was turning out. He wished he'd gone back with Ellie. He hadn't been back to his Dad's in weeks.

A western was on, one of those spaghetti western.

"What is this crap?" Roger fretted.

"Fist full of Dynamite or Duck, you Sucker." Lon shrugged laying there in his sweat pants as if he didn't give a damn about anything.

"This is stupid."

"Well, don't watch it," Lon said. "Call Olivia, why don't you?"

"She's at a concert." He snapped.

"Is that what has your panties in a wad?" Lon looked over at him.

"No." He was still upset that she wouldn't let him go with her. He didn't know why. He kept watching the TV though, listening to the quirky sound track. James Coburn did look sexy. He had to admit that. God, he wished he had that hat he wore in the motorcycle scene. It was the coolest hat. Of course, he kept wondering what Olivia might be doing right now. Was she thinking about him at all. He missed her. He really did.

Then it hit him, how would he react once she was really dating someone.... or if Eric came back. He could hardly breathe then. His throat ached for no apparent reason. He wasn't suppose to be having these sort of feelings for her, but he was. He really was.

He remained quiet for the longest time. He really did find himself watching this movie about an Irish terrorist and this Mexican dude with an army of kids. All these explosions just blew him away. And then the Nazi looking villain was just pure evil, but Coburn's character might be too. He watched the longest flashback in the history of the motion picture industry. For a moment there he thought Coburn was in love with his Irish buddy who had just narked on him and then Coburn's character guns him down with the rest of the dudes in the bar.

"God, this is so gay," Roger said.

"What?" Lon winced. "No, its not."

"Just look at the way Coburn looks at Stiger. There was a moment. I just know it." Roger analyzed.

"You know, this is really funny," Lon humored Roger then. "From a dude..WHO'S GAY!"

Roger gave him a sullen look.

"You just wouldn't understand." Roger told him. Maybe he wasn't even talking about the movie. Maybe he was talking about something else. He wasn't sure.

"This is definitely not a gay movie." Lon squinted finishing off his drink.

"Why don't you ever get us beer?" Roger suddenly asked and Lon set up.

"Because," Lon glared. "I don't want to go to jail. What do you think?"

Just before they could get into a full blown argument about it, Roger's cell went off. He supposed they'd have to talk about this later.


Cait said...

One of my favorites. I loved Roger's reaction to the movie...and Lon coming back with those lines.

It made me smile.

simon n josh said...

I love some of Lon's lines. That is so funny about the movie and what Roger thought.

past the point said...

Oh..those two. It all started over a cat.

Anonymous said...

Haha all because of a cat...

elliestories said...

Roger and his troubles. & now his thoughts of Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Haha now I wanna see that movie. Also I made the Skins fan fic into smaller parts.

simon n josh said...

all righty, ellie...heheheeee...