Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just super

OK, Ellie was going to miss Lon bad, and he showed her just how much he was going to miss her, smiling all the way through it. And she smiled all the way back to her parents house on her drive home, thinking she couldn't wait to see him again. Was she being selfish, she wondered, possibly, but she didn't care. It was her own little secret, and she liked keeping it to herself.

"I think you're crazy," Kyle said matter of fact. "In love, I guess."

"Why?" She could feel them getting into an argument the moment she came through the door. He wasn't even letting her say hello to Rosie.

"You haven't even said his name yet, and you can't even wait to get back." He glared at her.

"I don't think I'm that bad."

"You missed Father's day." Kyle reminded her.

"He was out of town. I sent a card." She looked at him with her hands on her hips.

"What about me?" Now she supposed he wanted her to feel sorry for him.

"I didn't know I was suppose to do anything for you." Ellie shrugged as she helped set the table for their dinner with his Mom and her Dad.

"It was just me, you know, and Nick." Kyle said.

"Kelsey was here too." His mother reminded him.

"Well, yeah," he rolled his eyes at that.

"They gave him a little party," Joan smiled. "There was even cake from the Cake Specialists."

"Sounds like a real party to me." Ellie smiled, but Kyle wasn't giving anything away. About then, Rosie showed off a few steps for her. Of course, she walked right into Kyle's arms. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for it."

After that, they sat down to a much delayed father's day dinner of pot roast and all the fixings, but Ellie kept thinking of Lon so she wasn't hungry. She wanted to mention him, but she didn't. It didn't feel quite home without Amanda around.

"Have you heard from her?" Ellie asked after dinner while she was putting dishes in the dishwasher and Rosie was helping by beating on the pots and pans with a wooden spoon.

"Yeah," Kyle barely said. Ellie wished she could get him to talk more, but he wouldn't. He seemed so sad to her. "She's fine. She's having a great time."

"Good." Ellie nodded. "So is she seeing anyone?"

"Just Elliot."

Ellie glared at him, that was the last person she thought Amanda would ever be seeing. "You're sure?" There was a lump in her throat then. This stung deep. How long had that been going on?


the oaks said...

wow..that must have been a shocker to her. I feel so sad for Kyle.

dapper kid said...

Hmm that's quite a shock for her. I'm glad they finally managed to come together, even if it's awkward, it's worth it :)

Sharon Rose said...

Amanda has split up with Kyle, why? What a shame for him.

Cait said...

Poor Kyle..and then to hear that about her ex and

sid and violet said...

I hate when I hear about these sort of things that happen to my friends. Especially, after they have a baby..but it does happen. Quite a lot around here.

past the point said...

I do feel sad for Kyle, but I think he's strong enough...& maybe smarter than anyone knows.

Anonymous said...

Kyle:) Reading this made me smile but then actually seeing what they had to say made me sad.