Saturday, July 18, 2009

the last to know

Ellie wish she'd said more to Kyle before she left, but she had a lot on her mind. Leia, of course. But finding all this out about Amanda and Eric bothered her too. But not as much as Lon telling her that he loved her.

Maybe it was one of those quick and hasty things. Like something was happening, and he had said it like it might be the last thing he ever said to her. Yet, she could sense that he meant it. He did.

But what had happened?

"We'll talk about it when you get here." That was all he'd said. And he hadn't ended it in "I love you" that time. Now it was all sort of matter of fact. What had changed? She wondered as she drove back.

Still she should have said something to Kyle, and yet she knew he didn't want to talk to her, anyway. He was more cold and distant than she ever remembered. Some things, she knew she had to let go. Still she never knew when was the best time to keep quiet about things and when it was time to talk.

Of course, Lon was waiting for her when she drove up in the driveway. She'd expect to see him half dressed, but he was his khakis and a shapeless t-shirt. Naturally, he gave her a quick kiss while grabbing her things to bring in.

"So what's up?" She wondered.

"Not much." He shrugged, all low-key.

"What's that suppose to mean?" She followed him in bringing in the rest of the totes of things that her mother just knew they had to have. Naturally, her mother had a tote of goodies just for Lon.

"I'm going to let Roger explain it to you." Lon sighed as he went straight to their room with her stuff.

"Roger?" Ellie winced. "What did he do this time?"

"Just don't worry." Lon dropped the bags on the floor and took her hands in his. "Really, everything is fine."

They played around a bit, and he kissed her as if they definitely had some catching up to do.

"Look, don't try to side track me." Ellie pulled away before his kisses might want more than just this little moment. "What is going on?"

"Well, Roger let somebody move in."

"Does he have a boyfriend?" Ellie looked at Lon.

Lon shook his head, took her hand and lead her back downstairs to the kitchen.

"Look at all the squash we got," Lon showed her then. "You like squash, don't you?"

"I dunno." There was a heap of it on the table.

"I could fry some up. But I should really just cut it up and freeze it, you know. Maybe your Mom would want some." He was pulling out yellow squash and green squash. "Have you ever had it in cake?"

"Where did it come from?" Ellie didn't get it. What had he been up too?

"Olivia's great Aunt said we could have it." Lon smiled. "I think she likes me, maybe you could come with me when I pick beans."

"What are you talking about?"

"Really, Roger should tell you, Olivia moved in." Lon sighed.

"You're kidding me? Nick thinks the basement bedroom is his."


"Yeah, somebody we went to high school with. He doesn't want to leave his job until the summer reading program is over." Ellie wondered how Nick was going to take this. "I hope Roger called him."

"I doubt it." Lon shrugged. "There's nobody in the basement bedroom."

Ellie just stared at him.

"Connected the dots yet?" Lon stared at her.

Ellie winced. Did this mean what she thought it meant?

"You're joking? Right?"

Lon just shook his head.


Sharon Rose said...

Lets hope Ellie gets ovet the shock quickly, LOL!

past the point said...

Now Nick too. Hahaa..I'm sure Lon wasn't expecting that, either.

sid and violet said...

connected the dots yet..I like that line.

Cait said...

I'm sure Lon was happy to see matter what. Haahaaa..

Meg said...

WHat a crazy situation!

Anonymous said...

Oh looks like trouble is coming....

simon n josh said...

I think it was best that Lon told her though.

casual cutie said...

how shocking!!!