Friday, July 17, 2009

something in the air

"Is that an air plane I hear, or a tornado?" Roger stood there on the edge of the porch like an inqusitive bird.

Lon had a good mind to slap him silly. He just gave him a restless sigh as he leaned against the porch pillar, barefooted.

"How are you going to explain this to Ellie?" Lon wanted to know with a bit of a swelled frown.

"What's to explain?" Roger gave him a cocky smile.

"She'll think you've lost it." Lon kept staring at Roger as if he'd better come up with a pretty good story about Olivia staying here.

"Why! Why are you making a big deal about this?" Roger glared back. "I can be with who ever in the hell I want to be with! I can be who I want to be. Don't label me!" He got in Lon's face and shook his head.

Lon grabbed his face with one hand as if he might claw it.

"You better mean it." He said rather coldly and shoved him back. Roger straighten up then as if that would be the last time he'd get in Lon's face.

"Its not so much about giving a fuck about you. It's Olivia. You better not be passing this off as some kind summer fling. This is serious. Her parents might never let her come home. You might be stuck with her for good. Can you handle something like that?"

"There is no being stuck-" Roger winced. He sighed heavily then. "I'm not going to let her down. I have honest to God feelings for her. I have for a while. I love her, man."

"Does she know that?" Lon crossed his tan arms. Roger just shrugged as if he didn't have to answer to him.

"Lets go out tonight," Roger suggest. "The four of us. When Ellie gets home."

"To dinner?" Lon squinted.

"No," Roger said. "There's this band playing at the Underground. They have a bar if you want to drink. We could just chill, you know."


"Yeah, do you know how to do that, Lon?"


Sharon Rose said...

Sounds a great idea, they may all bond that bit better too!

Anonymous said...

Haha funny last sentence, they crack me up. And Max is Jared.

Ore, said...

I officially love the name Lon! :)

e.l. said...

I'm glad you like the name Ore..and that is just tooo funny about Jared, em. =D

past the point said...

I liked that little fight of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Ya he does like to help with Max, a bunch of my friends like to write so sometimes we work on projects together.

the oaks said...

Lon makes me smile.

dapper kid said...

I wonder if Roger really does love her. And I think them all going out together will definitely help :)

simon n josh said...

hmmmm, chill'n. I wonder how that'll go.

cait said...

Lon & Roger. I hope Roger knows what he's doing.

elda said...

hi ellie, can you tell me where should i start to read about this people??