Thursday, July 16, 2009

second thoughts

Ellie had second thoughts about discussing Amanda with Kyle. Perhaps it was just as well to leave things alone. And yet she couldn't. She and Kelsey met for a late lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.

"Tell me everything you know about Amanda and Eric," Ellie said after she'd filled up a plate at the salad bar.

"Its not like she told me, everything." Kelsey glared back innocently.

"I just can't believe it. Him. Her?" Ellie gasped. She could hardly chew on a cucumber now.

"I know, Amanda said she couldn't believe it, either. It was the last thing she ever expected." Kelsey dug into her cottage cheese with ranch dressing on top.

"It just doesn't make sense," Ellie shook her head. "How could it have happened?"

"I think they were both homesick." Kelsey told her that Eric was on this job where he's a camp counselor teaching English. He'd only taken it because it was a way he could get credit and travel.

"Right." Ellie didn't believe that either of them were that homesick.

"You aren't over him, are you?" Kelsy shot back at Ellie.

"Yes, I am." Now Ellie glared at Kelsy. "I'm really over Eric. I am. I just don't think he was thinking about how he's hurting Kyle. Kyle has always been there for him. And Amanda? I thought she still really loved Kyle, you know."

"Its not like they got married." Kelsy shrugged.

"I know." Ellie tried not to lose her appetite. She chewed on her salad for a while then munched on carrots and crackers. "Its none of my business. Its just now I wish I didn't even know."

Finally the waiter brought them iced tea. They'd been waiting forever for their drinks. When Ellie looked up, she saw the waiter was Cory.

"This is freak'n crazy!" She couldn't believe it. "What are you doing here?" Was it him? Really him?

There was that sweet grin of his.

"I'm home for the summer," Cory beamed. Ellie got up and hugged him then.

"So how are you?" She wanted to know.

"OK," he shrugged.

She couldn't wait to tell him that she'd moved in with Roger and they'd both started college down in Lincoln, but she wasn't sure if she should.

"I moved." She finally got back in her seat. "I'm just back in town for a visit."

"You're gonna be in college, aren't you?" He was still all smiles.

"I'm taking a summer class." She told him about her job. "I moved in with Roger." She finally said.

"I guess he's as crazy as he ever was." He kept smiling.

"Yeah, a bit, my boyfriend from Texas moved in too. So I'm not sure how keen Roger is on that, but he's trying. He's working at Bakers."

"I see."

She guessed Cory didn't want to talk about Roger so she quickly told him about Leia's accident and how if he had the time that he should see her if he were up to it.

He said he might, but Ellie doubted it.

"It was so good to see you." Ellie meant it too. She wondered as she was leaving what Roger would think when she told him that she'd seen Cory.


past the point said...

wow..a cory sighting. hahaha..I wonder what roger will think. fun, how they had to talk about amanda and roger.

simon n josh said...

on edge, and yet a sweet reunion of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Ellie is seeing everyone, as soon as I saw Cory's name I jumped in my seat a little. And yeah I hope he's making a new cd, there's a bunch of other live recordings he posted up on youtube of new songs. You see everyone in concert:)

ellie said...

I wish I could see everyone in concert..but just a few obscure bands. Thanks for the note..glad I could make you jump a litte.hahhaa..yeah, I had to have a cory moment.

fan fic said...

I hope ellie doesn't have any feelings for eric. I think Lon is good for her.

dapper kid said...

I really do hope Ellie is over him, she shouldn't dwell on the past, she has a good thing going now :) Haha and I loved this scene, it's like a gossip catch up session.

Cait said...

Oh...I'm glad she saw Cory!