Sunday, July 5, 2009

out on a limb

This was not suppose to happen.

The concert was at the park. There would be fireworks at the end. It was almost over. The Plain White T's were finishing up. Olivia had neglected to tell him Jason Marz was there too. There was no Cursive. She didn't go to the Cursive concert with her friends, but to the park that was not that far from Campus. It was a free concert. Thank God, thought Roger as he wondered around. He'd left Lon in the car. No way was Lon getting mixed up in that crowd.

Roger was suppose to meet her by the porta-potties, or so she said. There were a string of them that seemed to go on for miles.

Roger was fuming. What was she up to? Going alone somewhere. What could have happened? Wasn't everything, all right? Roger stumbled on through the crowd, getting out his cell, trying to call her to figure out where she could be. It seemed so useless. The more he looked the more frantic he became.

It was like he didn't know her at all. She was suppose to be his best friend. She could tell him everything, but she hadn't. Now she wasn't even answering her cell.

Roger thought he might have a panic attack. Really, he was useless when it came to this sort of thing. He walked on though, hoping he'd spot her. Somewhere. But there were just more people. Laughing, acting stupid. Singing. Jumping around. Oh the joy, he thought. Why couldn't he have that?

And then he spotted her next to this jock dude. Roger thought he might choke. He wished he'd brought Lon with him. Maybe he could have at least hit the dude if he had too. Roger found himself shaking a little. He was going to have to be a man about this. He felt so out of practice at this sort of thing.

He stomped down the little hill toward them.

"Hey," He came around to Olivia's side and put his arm around her. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming." He smiled, gave her a kiss on the cheek like they were old friends.

"I'm sorry." She managed to say.

"She's with me," The big guy looked at him.

"But we go way back," Roger smirked. "Remember last summer? We did some awesome stuff in that pontoon boat."

Olivia just looked at him as if she didn't know what he meant. He grabbed her hand, and they made a run for it in the dark.


Cait said...

hahaa..that story about the pontoon boat.

sid and violet said...

I think Roger likes an adventure..deep down.

Anonymous said...


e.l. said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, Dazzlin, but no.

raspberry said...

How I'd love to see Plain White T's live. And Roger is just adorable, he's probably my favorite character.
I'm sorry I haven't been around.
Shit happens... all the time. Leaves me no time to write about them, so no time to comment either.

How was 4th of July for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh Roger is so great.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, can't get enough of him.

friend stories said...

I wonder what will happen next..

Anonymous said...

My friend wants to know what u thot max would be like.

the oaks said...

I thought that was cool what he said about the pontoon made me laugh.